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    i9 9900K
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    GSKILL Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200
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    EVGA FTW3 RTX 2080Ti
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    Cooler Master - Master Case 5
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    Samsung 250GB 970 NVME, 860's 500GB and 1TB
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    Seasonic Prime Titanium Ultra 750W
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    Noctua NH D15
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    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
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    Logitech Gaming Pro
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    Win 10 pro

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  1. And how many people are running 4X 2080Ti's? Most people won't even spring for 1 or even a 2080.... Nor will they spring for a good PSU to run them, they buy the cheapest garbage they can get. The PSU is the 1st place they cut corners on.
  2. Actually it doesn't matter. If a GPU goes badly they take the MB with them normally, PSU doesn't matter.
  3. A multirail PSU won't save everything else if a GPU shorts out any more than a single rail. The MB will likely be fried too no matter what since everything is connected to the MB. It will make zero difference.
  4. I was here, the reasoning was debunked... By an real expert...… But that was ignored.... BEFORE the tier list was ever posted...
  5. The reasoning is irrelevant as it was when the whole thing started before tier list 3.0 was posted... I was here, the reasoning was debunked...
  6. I wouldn't go that far... Brownouts happen, power surges, power issues in the houses happen. Lightning strikes, nothing will really save them if that happens though...
  7. The whole list is based on Multi-Rail.... Like that's supposed to be better than everything else.... A clue in, almost NOBODY needs a multirail PSU, nor will they ever.... Especially anyone that builds any sort of regular machine, even high end gaming boxes with the highest end hardware you can buy.
  8. That was 11 years ago.... And it really didn't matter even then for MOST systems, not really. PSU's are MUCH better today than back then, well the good ones are anyway. All this multirail garbage started due to some moron making a video that burned a wire that was too thin to start with. I know were and how it started with the tier list, I was here remember.... Even Jonny Guru said it's not really relevant MOST of the time. But still we have these useless tier lists that focus on it. How many people are using 11 or 12 year old PSU's in their new machines? I would hope not many, they wouldn't be for very long if they tried it... Or actually have machines that it would actually matter in, read EXPENSIVE Multi-CPU VERY HIGH END SERVERS...… Those actually come with their own PSU's made for them so....
  9. Multi-rail is irrelevant for 99.9% of systems. Like I said before a number of times as have others. To base the whole list on it makes it completely and totally useless.
  10. How about linking a review for every single PSU you listed, a real reviews with complete tests and tear downs by people who know what are they doing, not unboxings and some BS on a forum someplace. Or some ones opinion.
  11. Except the old list was supported by real reviews. Real technical reviews by people who knew what they were doing, complete tear downs and tests by people with the right equipment and real knowledge. The new ones, unboxings and BS off some forum and maybe a video by a clueless moron... No real facts anyplace... Like I said useless...
  12. Want to make it better delete it and post old list back up that I linked to as this one is useless... All of them starting with vers 3.0 are completely useless... That's when the fear mongering took over.... That is all, and simple.
  13. The whole list was made by clueless people, and they got worse as time went on. Based all off of fearing mongering and BS. The list I posted was made before the clueless ones took it over.