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  • CPU
    i9 9900K
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    GSKILL Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200
  • GPU
    EVGA FTW3 Ultra RTX 2080Ti
  • Case
    Cooler Master - Master Case 5
  • Storage
    Samsung 500GB 970 NVME, 860's 500GB and 1TB
  • PSU
    Corsair HXi 850W Platinum
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH D15
  • Keyboard
    Steel Series APEX PRO
  • Mouse
    Logitech Gaming Pro
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Win 10 pro
  • Phone
    IPHONE 11

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  1. Ran my RTX 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra off my Prime Ultra Ti 750W for 1 1/2 years with no issues..... And the 1080Ti FTW3 before that.. And it's currently running the GTX 1080Ti FTW3 again...... Same, no issues. Just saying.. The machine it's in now....
  2. I would go with the Corsair HX or HXI or EVGA T2 or P2.
  3. If the warranty is 10 years..... Some as in most PSUs don't have 10 year warranties, I would not use one past the warranty period on a new system or upgrade. And even then maybe a year at most.... Most PSUs have 3 to 7 year warranties. So the broad answer would be NO, that's not the answer.
  4. It is very high quality. Lower risk after it's past the warranty period? There is no guarantee of that. Best just to replace them in the end. Even 10 years is a lot to ask of a PSU really, the RMX has a 10 year warranty. At 10 years I doubt any PSU would still be within specs and that is the point.
  5. 1 might work, it's the second one that may not and not work in dual channel mode etc. I would return it or cancel the order and get something different. Those low end MBs can very very picky with ram....
  6. No, I would get a new PSU and 750W Min... The G is an older unit, not too bad, but still wouldn't use one today for what you are planning.
  7. Have to be VERY careful with the AMD based MBs and ram.... If the model isn't listed don't get it.
  8. The cheapest would be the Corsair CXM 550W and it will work... But with the GTX 1070Ti I would go with the TXM 550W...
  9. Yeah, it was. I was just pointing it out... Could be the right one... But it is Amazon so,,,
  10. Could be a variety of things that can happen actually.. Best case is it just stops working..... The rest is a crap shoot and luck.
  11. Have to look at the actual model numbers to be sure, not just the brand.
  12. If you actually care about the PC I would raise the budget on the PSU. And the ram plan may or may not work, more than likely not work.... Best to get a dual channel kit, matched pair.
  13. Tier C on the list...
  14. And something on the MB compatibility list to be sure.
  15. You still need to get a new PSU, that one is pretty bad.