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  1. So a about a month ago i bought a Glorious Model O anyway im having a problem where i will must not moveouse the mouse and my cursor will just not move it might be my dpi im not sure tho but i use 400 dpi
  2. I didn't know if this would work so i came here:) anyways i am looking at a capture card (it's AVerMedia but i dont know what to call it so ima put the link) https://www.amazon.com/AVerMedia-AVerCapture-Streaming-Definition-Hardware/dp/B00I0QZMPE/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CWSJ8BS3T9YXADR67AFX i have 2 pcs and i want to stream. So i didn't know if this is a thing that can be done and my other question is will i be able to have one mic and use it for the stream and my other pc voice chat or do i have to get 2 mics?
  3. I was considering buying this smartphone and didn't know if it had wireless charging if anyone knows please reply thx
  4. Would the best option be to get the identical drive new, reformat the old ssd and raid 0 the 2 drives together and then install windows again.
  5. i have a hdd that is 2tb and a 120gb ssd the ssd is 1yr old and i wanted to know if i could put that in a raid array i don't currently have a raid array
  6. so if i already have a 120gb ssd it is better to just get another 120
  7. so i can put a 240 with a 120 but i will only get 240 gb total?
  8. I have a 120gb ssd and would like to make a raid array and i didn't know if you can stripe different brand ssds together and can you stripe different size together?
  9. Sorry my auto correct changed some things what I was trying to say is that I am trying to play stretched on fortnite and when I try to create a res in my case 1280x1080 it says unable to test or someting like that.
  10. The problem is I'm trying to play stretched on foetnitw and when I try to create a custom results I simply say it is not able to test don't know if it is a driver issue or what
  11. Yesterday I was trying to change my resolution on Nvidia control panel and got an error saying that is was unable to test I didn't know what to do and came here to try to get some help
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    I have played it before