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  1. That's what I thought, I'm starting to use my pc for more than gaming currently but even so, 12 cores Is overkill xD. Still, I think I'm gonna keep It, at least until I get a good offer on Ryzen 4000.
  2. You mean resell a good offer with that? I can see why It can bother you, but I actually want to use It, if I use It for a few months and then resell it at that price or higher and buy Zen 3, would I be doing something bad? I dont think so...
  3. Should I keep this ryzen 9 3900x for 324€ or resell higher easily and wait for Ryzen 4000? I was thinking on getting the r5 4600 (I have r5 3600)
  4. Ive heard the LG 7100 has better HDR quality, im between that one and the Samsung 7172 that you suggested
  5. Yeah.. I want It 50 50 for gaming and watching Smart TV content, maybe even more watching than gaming
  6. Not available on PcComponentes or Amazon, thank you anyway
  7. Im looking for a 55 inches 4K LG/Samsung TV that is on the webpage Pccomponentes, because thats where im going to buy It. Here are some things to be clear. 4K LG/Samsung TV, Ive been thinking of LGs UM7100 or Samsungs RU7105 A low input lag is important to me Sound is important but not quite The TV is for a room, so It will be watched primarily right in front of it, I do like more the LG brand thought, but Im open to Samsung of course The budget is 500€ max Thank you very much to anyone who takes the time on replying this, im not very much into TVs and want to make sure that I do the right buy.
  8. I actually did write It on English Idk what happened. Thanks for the video
  9. Hola, tengo un estuche Corsair 465x con 4 ventiladores RGB instalados y tenía 3 espacios en la parte superior para los fanáticos, así que decidí comprar un AIO de 240 mm, el Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB, pero no puedo instalarlo allí debido a mi RAM, son Corsair RGB, por lo que son altos, pero creo que incluso con los más pequeños el problema aún estaría allí. Luego traté de instalarlo en el panel frontal, pero no encaja, no sé si estoy haciendo algo mal o simplemente tonto, o es incompatible, por favor, alguien que tenga algunos de estos componentes o pueda verificarme si el caso no es compatible que AIO? Gracias , perdón por el horrible inglés. Insertaré algunas fotos
  10. Hello, Im looking to upgrade my current 40 inchs 1080p TV to a decent 4K, LG or Samsung primarily, on Amazon Spain specifically, with a good color reproduction and at least 50 inches, ideally 55, I want to notice the jump from 40 to 55, I hace plenty of space. As the title says, my budget is 500€, thanks
  11. Its worth It and you will notice a huge chance, I have an Acer VG270U something like that, for 300€, usually its for 400€ and its an IPS 1440p 144fps pretty good for its price (even 400€), so Id go with that, no less than 27", no less than 1440p, no less than 144fps, and that is a pretty decent IPS monitor that will be perfect for that purpose
  12. When I try to install some new Drivers adaptors of internet (terrible english) I get this message