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  1. After wasting my entire day yesterday this is what I found stable. vccsa 1.2 vccio 1.5 and dram voltage 1.45. I think I could lower these, but I wasted enough time on it for a day. These are memtest 500% stable. Is it worth to increase tcl and command rate and go for higher frequency? On CR1 this is the highest it I could go while still keeping tcl on 16. 3866 boots into windows, but with these timings is not memtest stable and I have no idea what to change. Where do I go from here? Any tips tightening the timings? Should I try for higher frequency? Are my voltages daily usage safe? (Found a lot of conflicting info about this). Its hynix CJR, Rank1, A0 (10 layer) 3200CL16 at stock
  2. 1440p 144hz. RTX 2080 Super. I try to go for roughly that fps with the settings. I would use ray tracing, but its still a joke and barely anything supports it lmao. We will see next console generation
  3. I see. I just saw some benchmarks that showed big performance improvements from only tightening the timings. Since I am cpu bound in a few games with a 2080S I thought might aswell give it a go. My 9600k cant do 5ghz on an acceptable voltage. What voltages should I aim for daily use? I'll try lowering it to something more reasonable and try to increase the frequency.
  4. Hey! I have never overclocked memory before. I read a few articles and just started hammering away timings. I have no idea where to go from here. Any advice? My memory F4-3200C16-8GVKB (16-18-18-36). Its an old module (Hynix CJR i think). I started by increasing vccsa to 1.2v and vccio to 1.15 and dram voltage to 1.4. I have a pretty conservative 4.9Ghz OC with a 45x cache ratio on a 9600k. Bios settings Aida 64 benchmark: 3200 CL 16 stock (560tRFC) 3200 (14-15-16-36-CR1 416tRFC) havent touched anything else. 14-15-15-36 didnt boot. What timings are worth changing? I dont want to spend a very long time adjusting it. Are these voltages safe? Should I up the frequency? What gives the biggest performance boost usually.
  5. Thank you! I was found the price of the MSI Gaming Plus really appealing, just didnt know if it can handle overclocking. I have a z390 Gaming Edge AC right now and I feel like the wifi is wasted on me. I like the bluetooth tho.
  6. Around 250$US tops. Prices in my region might vary a little bit. Hungary
  7. Hey! I would like to upgrade my system and get a 10700k. Im planning on doing light overclocking mainly. Im eyeballing the Gigabyte Aorus Elite, MSI Gaming Plus, Gaming Edge WiFi and the Strix-E, but thats really pushing my budget. Any recommendations besides these around roughly the same pricerange.
  8. its not Trio OC. I just misspelled the title. I meant the OC as in overcloking. The factory overclocked version of this card is the Gaming X Trio
  9. Hey! I have never overclocked my gpu before so I wanted to get a little performance boost.I ran msi afterburners OC scanner with voltage temp(88) and power(114%) limit slider maxed and ran oc scanner. The result was an average 2mhz overclock?! It said the limit was power, but I forgot to take a screenshot. Temps were around 78C@ 50% fanspeed (auto). Weirdly manually setting a higher fanspeed than that didnt help the temp so I left it at auto. On 70% it was loud af. Did I miss something or is my card just this bad? I have a Seasonic focus 750W platinum psu The cards power is connected via 2 separate pci-e cables as Seasonic recommended. I have a moderate oc on my 9600k, but it never draws more than 120W according to Coretemp
  10. Hey! Could I run two of these : https://www.bequiet.com/en/casefans/1636 on a single mobo header with a splitter? MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge Specs: Rated Voltage DC (V)12 Operating Voltage DC (V)5 - 12 Current consumption (A)0.20 Safety current (A)0.50 Input power (W)6
  11. I havent noticed much differenc with XMP profile on or off. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge. I will try 1.32v with lower ring and default memspeed when i get home. I'll definitely have to add more voltage I'm on already on a slippery slope with 1.3 Thanks for the suggestions
  12. Thank your for the detailed explanation! Im planning on changing the case in the near future, but right now im waiting until the Phanteks P500A releases here (October something) and at what price. Fortunately after getting in contact with the reseller, they confirmed the price to be close to its original 130$US price. Sometimes we get screwed over with prizes in my country. In the meantime I have found 3x Purewings 2 140mm high speed pwm fans for 25$ used, but still under warranty. I'll give one of your fan configs a try. I dont think a bottom intake fits, but it would be nice. I'll try the HDD cage tip. Its been bugging me for quite a while now. Wanted to remove it earlier and just get an m.2 drive, but budget during the pandemic is rough. The plan: 2 x 140mm front intakes, 1 x 140mm top exhaust, 1 x 120mm. Regarding the OC: Im new to overclocking, but I just couldnt break 5ghz even on 1.375v and after reading a few posts im not sure im comfortable going higher. Ambient temps are high this summer (around 28C) so that doesnt help much eighter. I just dont get how a lot of people can do 5ghz sub 1.3 volts. Maybe my chip is just bad or I just suck at OC:D A little bit of both probably.
  13. I found these barely used and under warranty on the local market: Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 140 Air Pressure RGB (3 fans) For about 72$ US. Is it worth? Found 3 Pure Wings 2 for 23. I guess I have a winner
  14. Hey! What 140mm fans would you recommend that have good performance and are relatively cheap. Subtle RGB is a welcome bonus, but I can live without. My case is a Fractal Focus G (at least for now)
  15. It can get annoying above 80% i wouldn't really recommend running it faster, but It wont be a problem a 3600. Default iirc is 65% up to 80C but it will realistically never reach that without an overclock.