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  1. And oh yes the use optimized media. So I transcoded an 11gb mov file. It turned into a 220gb file so have lots of space available for that feature
  2. I just learned recently davinci let’s you add more effects. The hit film effects can be imported into resolve. It’s called ignite express 2017. It’s free. Also so I found shutterstock had a free download of effects you can download and drop right on the timeline. Like light leaks and light flairs and explosions and other effects
  3. Hello I’m new to the forum. Been a fan of LTT show for a while. Thanks to Linus making videos about their render servers (I had no idea how servers worked before those videos) it made me be interested into looking into video editing. I also had a very weak computer for a while but right now I finally have something decent for the time being 3rd gen I5 with gtx 1060. I have been slowly learning davinci resolve for the time being. I like it’s color effects ability and the fact I can throw just about any video on the timeline without transcoding although I did find I had an issue with some GoPro footage and I needed to transcode it so it wouldn’t be glitchy in the timeline (another thing I had no idea about transcoding....) i want to eventually look into hit film. I’m mainly going to the cheap cheerful and as free as possible route for now so I can learn it and then when I get more comfortable I’ll go from there. What software do you like to use and why? Also like I said I’m very new to this whole thing it’s kind of overwhelming for me but I’m willing to learn about it.