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  1. Hi Weird story time ! I had an HDD running perfectly fine. This morning, I updated my Mobo's BIOS to get rid of AMD's sky high voltages and boosting problems. The update went just fine but when I rebooted into windows, My HDD was no longer detected by windows. BIOS could see it, but Windows couldn't see it anywhere even though it was correctly plugged in. After a bit a had the idea to change the SATA port it was plugged into which immediately fixed it... But now my HDD makes a screeching noise twice every exactly 10 seconds. Anyone has an idea as of what is going on ? Didn't really plan for an HDD replacement anytime soon... One important point is that it works good as far as i can tell, and the windows monitor doesnt detect any read or write activity when the sound occurs You'll find the exact sound it makes in the attachements. Thanks in advance EDIT : I just noticed the problem only occurs under windows. The said HDD is used as space to put heavy files with two partitions, one for my Windows and one for my Linux distro... So both OS use the drive, but the HDD remains perfectly silent under Linux even under write load.... could it be windows doing stuff on my drive ? 20190920_001[1].m4a
  2. Ok i'll do as I planned then. Replace my crappy front fan by a good one an add a top exhaust and an other intake Thanks all
  3. Its discontinued so not much info on their website apart from what it can have, not what is optimal with it. Else i found an ANtec DP501 which doesnt look as restrictive for 60€, is it worth swapping ?
  4. Case is an Enermax Ivektor Why so limited ? Because of the intake not going directly to the CPU area ? I can do a second intake up front and a top exhaust tho
  5. Hi Im about to make a new build as the one I have is outdated. For now, I have 2 fans : one up front as intake, and one out back for exhaust. My next build will most likely generate more heat (current : low en I3 and HD7850 gpu, next build : R5 2600 with rtx 2060) im wondering if these two 120mm fans will be enough to keep everything nice and cool, especially as I plan to do some slight OC. Nothing crazy tho, as I will be on air cooling. The question is : should I add fans, or am I fine as is ? If I add some fans, where should I put them ? Avalable slots are on front of the case (one slot, but too low to really blow on the most warm area of the PC) , on top of it (2 slots) , or on the bottom (one slot). Thanks in advance
  6. Calm down guys :D Anyway you both seem to agree on the fact i'd be easier, if not better to have 2SSD instead of one. I'd love to learn more about patitions tho !
  7. considering you can buy it directly from steam as a digital copy and that most recent dvd games are just a launcher for a steam/origin/uplay installer i'd say no you dont need that
  8. Well i do, but not as it comes down to computer lol Thanks for the explaination. I'll stick to my original idea of having two SSD !
  9. Hi ! The question is in the name of the topic ! I want to dual boot my computer which wil be running with an nvme SSD. I've seen here and there that having two OS an their partitions on a single SSD could be harmfull for it because wear levelling problems. Thoughts ? Since my mobo will have two slots, what would be best ? One 500gb ssd partitionned to have both OS, or two 250gb one for each os ? Price is not really a concern but long term longevity is. Thanks for you time
  10. @wolfboytech So you'd be fine partitioning an ssd ? Apparently when split they can't do wear levelling as good Thanks for the advice @mxk., didn't think about the fans being bad.
  11. Hello ! My PC is starting to age and does not suit my needs anymore, and im going to build my new one myself. Knowledge on how to do it is not the problem since i've been watching my father building the PCs of the family since I was a child, but knowledge on the hardware itself is kinda lacking, and that's why im reaching you guys. I'd like to know if this build looks good for you or if it is unbalanced. Here are my requirements : Im mostly a Linux guy, but as any (or most) Linux users, im a bit gaming frustrated. I'll need a system that handles dual booting. Otherwise, global cost should be around 1100€ but I dont have many needs. I also dont really care about RGB, since my case does not have any glass panel, and is hidden behind my desk. CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 - 179€ CPU cooling : Corsair H100X - 95€ MOBO : Gigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming - 158€ RAM : 16GB of 3000Mhz Gskill Sniper X - 120€ GPU : Zotac RTX 2060 Twin Fan (non AMP edition) - 390€ STORAGE : PCIe x4 Corsair Force MP510 240Gb for my main OS : Ubuntu. - 70€ PCIe x2 Corsair Force MP300 120Gb for Windows, which will be only used for games (hence the low capacity) - 40€ 1TB HDD which I already have. Will be split in half to contain my Steam library and folders (IE Downloads...) for both OS. PSU : be quiet! Pure power 11 600W - 90€ Like I mentioned, I already have everything else. TOTAL COST : 1155€ Few questions now : The main one : does this build seem balanced to you, or is it fine as it is ? About my storage : I was always told that partitioning a SSD was bad practice, although some people say its perfectly fine. Thats why I went for two SSD. thoughts ? Finally, about my cooling solution : Considering I will not be doing any OC, at least not in a near future. What do you recommend ? I would really like AIO, especially since i'd like a silent PC, but im concerned by the long term longevity of such a closed loop : any chance of leaking as time goes on ? If it fails, its quite expensive to replace, any chance of repairing it myself or is it fail = dead ? Should I prefer a be quiet! Dark Rock 4 instead and stick to air cooling ? Thank you for your time