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  1. Make sure it's on Sata-0 (or sata-1 if there's no 0), also check if your ssd is the first boot device in the BIOS. Also, unlikely, but you can check if the sata mode is set to AHCI for best performance.
  2. I want to stress that we mostly take into account the results from MHDD. If there are many slow sectors or uncorrectable errors, we won't sell the drive. But some times when MHDD doesn't find any errors, Sentinel will show a lower than 100% health status and find some bad sectors. I don't know what Sentinel means by "bad sectors" whether if it's slow sectors, uncorrectables or some other errors, but if MHDD is OK and Sentinel isn't, we will reset the SMART and sell the hard drive. However, I am really annoyed that often times my boss or anyone else from the company will tell me that a customer complained about a hard drive with "bad sectors". I don't know what these customers mean by "bad sectors", what program they used to test it or if the computer was dropped or hit during transportation, but they always act and make it like I don't do my job right and there's not much that I can do to prove that I've tested those hard drives and they are compliant with the company's understanding of a good hard drive.
  3. I work in a store for refurbished PCs and we test the hard drives with MHDD and then run a Sentinel. Seagate, however, are prone to losing their health status more often and show bogus information in the SMART. MHDD will often not show any uncorrectable errors, maybe some slow sectors, but Sentinel on the other hand can show a low Health status with X amount of bad sectors. In this case we reset the SMART with Putty to get it back to 100% HS, but does it actually fix the problem and will the Health status go back to its previous state after working for some time?
  4. Have you tried swapping the power cord?
  5. I ran HWmonitor for the night to see if there will be any drops or spikes in the voltage and things look normal. I'm still wondering why has this only happened twice with a 2 week interval and not more often and how can I reproduce the problem. One important information that I missed on sharing is that the the system is not overclocked.
  6. Just ran memtest86 for 1 pass and Prime95 for 30 mins. No errors or crashes on both.
  7. How can I be sure it's the PSU?
  8. My PC has restarted randomly twice with a 2 week interval without a blue screen, only with a log in the event viewer - Kernel Power Event ID 41. I've read on the internet that it might be PSU related but I doubt it because of how broad this error description is. I have a 750W EVGA SuperNova G2 and I use it to power up i7-6700k with Z170-A motherboard and GTX 1060 6gb. The two times it happened I was watching youtube and my system wasn't under any load. I've gamed the past two weeks with zero problems. I've been using this PC for almost exactly 2 years with no problems. I can't recreate and find out the reason for this. So far I switched my monitor's and PC's power cords to see if it could be the cord. The PC is connected to a power strip connected to a second power strip with 2 monitors and the air conditioner connected to the first power strip but it's only my PC losing power apparently, so that doesn't look like the case. Here's a quick drawing if you didn't get it. Sometimes I would hear a coil whine randomly appearing and disappearing without the system being under load but it's always been there, however when the vacuum cleaner was working in the other room and not connected to any of the power outlets my PC is connected to, the coil whine was always there. I'm talking in past tense because the same vacuum cleaner died the other day... lol. Since I've switched the power cord I haven't heard the coil whine but it's only been like 30 minutes. Does anyone know what could be causing it and how should I troubleshoot this problem?
  9. Hey guys, where can I find a church like this?
  10. You could try resetting the CMOS either by a button on the motherboard or removing the battery for a few minutes.
  11. Have you tried with one of the sticks?
  12. Try with one stick, then try with the other. Could be dust clogging the dimm slot. Try different slots.
  13. I want to get the datavac but they don't ship to my country so I'm looking for an alternative and I'm trying to understand if there is a big difference in regards to dusting quality and safety. Please don't recommend me these huge compressors that cost 5 times the datavac and compucleaner. I'm not going to clean 100 PCs a day.