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  1. Horizon Countability

    Xeon x3440 motherboard required.

    Actually I think it's a RAM compatibility issue. You may try some other RAMs or server RAM. It may help.
  2. Hey I had a Intel DH55TC motherboard. Once I tried to overclock the CPU (The board only support raising the BCLK) and memory. I put the value at 1500mhz and the PC was not booting. It was running on and off. But this problem was solved by the shopkeeper. After few days, suddenly my PC is not booting at all. Even the LED on the cabinet is not turning on for a single time (which was turning on for the former case). But the little LED on motherboard turns on. It seems to be complete different case. The shopkeeper says that the mobo is dead. But I don't believe them. So what should I do now? And one more question, can it be due to the CMOS battery?