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  1. D!egoSnow

    Please, Which is Safer?

    :sigh: ... I was expecting more detailed information with the replies, not what I received.
  2. D!egoSnow

    Please, Which is Safer?

    Hello, thank you for opening and taking the time to read my post. Very well, I am not going to extend this more than what is needed... I need to know from those of you who understand about this particular subject, which Hardware is safer to keep my data, a Solid State Drive [ SSD ] or a Hard Disk Drive [ HDD ] I believe I don't need to specify what I mean by safer... So please, could you tell me which one is the safest choice to store my data, and of course... the why? Thank you for reading this. - D.
  3. The title is very self-explanatory, which model should I go with? I am trying to decide which RAM module to buy a CL14 with 3200Mhz frequency or a CL17 with a 3600Mhz frequency. Can someone help me?
  4. D!egoSnow

    M0B0 Comparison.

  5. Hello everyone, good evening, I hope you had an excellent day. So, I am recently planning on building a computer and it will be a Ryzen-based system, featuring the Ryzen 2700X, and I am looking forward to a good X470 Motherboard to pair with this CPU, and after some research the models I am considering are, Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7, ASUS ROG Crosshair VII and the cheapest model I can get, the Aorus Ultra Gaming, also from Gigabyte. I would very much like to purchase the Ultra Gaming due to its low price and my tight budget, but I was wondering if I am not going to do a bad deal by trying to save money and ended up stuck with a crap motherboard. And if it is really bad and I should go with other models, between the Crosshair VII and the Aorus Gaming 7, which of those two is better? And by better I mean, according to their features, their built quality, and their overall potential, I would like to ask you guys which of those two is the best, in case the cheapest one is bad and I have to go with one of those two, if it is not bad I will gladly go with it, but still I would like to know which of the two previously mentioned is the best one, just for the sake of knowing it. PS. I do NOT plan in any sort of overclocking. Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read my little post and hopefully answer me.