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  1. How thick is that exhaust fan? I measured and I'm only getting 14mm of clearance between the back of the heat sink and the case. Is the NH-D15 "pressed" forward to make this all fit?
  2. Basically... this won't work right? I have a Razer Blade 15 Advanced with an RTX 2060. I also have a 1080ti from my old desktop and an egpu I got cheap from facebook marketplace. (OWC somethingsomething) I can disable the DGPU and install drivers to get the 1080ti working. I can also then run DDU and install the drivers to get the 2060 working when I want to game on the go. I'd LOVE to get some plug and play action, but... I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question: Can I install two drivers for my two different cards? I'm stuck buying a new RTX card for my egpu aren't I?