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  1. Its ok. I had on my Z97 2x4 and 2x8gb with totally different brands and timings. It worked perfectly.
  2. Yeah I think so to. If this fails I spare pins from Z97 board.
  3. Lets have fun game. Guess If this does work atleast with i3 procesor. (first pic is before and second after)
  4. Ok than could choose from one of these? https://www.alza.cz/herni-bryle-k-pocitaci/18854368.htm#f&cst=1&cud=0&pg=1&prod=&par14741=14741-0&sc=160 I dont care about looks.
  5. Hello. I would like to know how effictive they are. I know I have aintubluelight build into monitor but it isnt much effective on my MSI monitor as on my Asus one. If they are good please giv me some tips. As reatiler plese use Alza.cz .
  6. Hello. Im cuious how hard is to soder back 2x8pin to pcb. What exactly I need for that? Do I need sodering pistol or Im good with heatgun?
  7. Patrik_

    New 40inch Tv

    Hello. Im asking If all these tvs are supporting Apple TV app. https://www.alza.cz/televize/18849604.htm#f&cst=null&cud=0&pg=1&prod=&par11010=11010-132781&par13692=13692-239453516&par445=990.6--1016&sc=560 list here . I heard all Samsung,Panasonic and Lg models wich are from 2018 and 2019 are supporting apple tv app but Im not sure. Its not for me btw
  8. but what jam? I think that could ruin general flavor If I use wrong flavor of jam.
  9. Im going more for the melting method because all of it has chance to joint each other. Im just giving this card best shot wich can it have :DD
  10. I more for rare medium than medium
  11. I would never put it in there. Dont worry. I dont want to ruin my oven.
  12. I have heatgun for it :))))
  13. Hello. I have here GTX 970 and after some test it turned out that this one of the bake and pray gpus. What the optimal tempeture for good baked gpu in °C?