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  1. No but I read the back of it and its not good for that
  2. No Im not hammering that HDD or driling hole into it XD
  3. Hello, so I got these broken Bowers & Wilkings PX headphones, they have dead battery and really stinky earpiece, does anyone has idea how to get rid of it?
  4. Hello, I wanted to ask, I want to overwritte old HDD so data can not be recovered easily. Is CCleaner good enough?
  5. I never knew that foxconn made their own board, but is it even rare?
  6. Hi, does anyone here know this brand? its called: QUANTUM FORCE XTREME
  7. Hi I wanted to ask, is there any significant difference between these 2, one thing where Im most interested in is ghosting did they improve it?
  8. I didnt expect Nikola to have news here but even as an investor who started 3 months ago I knew that Nikola is one big red flag, no real product, cocky CEO, being mean to other companies like Hyliion, I love Hyliion they actually have a product, awsome team and polotical connections.
  9. Hello, Im having issue with my MSI MPG27CQ that sometimes my monitor just start to do this, If you look at that image there is just suppose to be blue, black and grey but there are these spots with totally different color. I fixed it just by turning of display and turning it back on. What it could be?
  10. I have really bad feeling that Nvidia will destroy AMD by having so many options 3060,3070,3070ti, 3080 10gb,3080 20gb and 3090. I know that TI cards are rumors but we know that Nvidia doesnt drop prices they just replace card or just make other price point.
  11. Yeah I dont get it, why would you downgrade ram on especialy now. I hope this is gonna be 170-210USd card to replace 5500XT because If its like 300 than Im kinda mad at AMD....
  12. what the hell why is it even advetised as i5 If there are just 2 core, I really hate when manufacturer do this