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  1. Sorry for necroing and old thread, but did you find a solution?
  2. Something I forgot to include and is happening again now. The pc won't boot. The fans twitch but that's it. I had this issue when I built this computer but for some reason it suddenly worked a day later.
  3. Just noticed the edit. I'm a bit scared of turning it off though. It's there for a reason I assume, won't I damage my components if there's indeed something wrong? Already done, and I made sure everything is plugged in correctly. I also read the post on the tomshardware forums. raja@Asus wrote: "Regarding the Anti-surge feature; it uses the onboard super IO chip to determine voltage levels. The Achilles heel of this system is that if multiple polling tools (voltage and temp monitoring software) are used simultaneously, it can cause erroneous readings due to poling contention. So if using the anti-surge feature, one is best advised not to run multiple monitoring tools at the same time. The feature does work of course, but there are limitations to what one can do with the super IO." I'm not certain if the crashes occur when I use RealTemp. Guess I'll test that out. I'm only running Catalyst CC, and AI Suite 3. Could these cause a problem?
  4. I'll go pick a surge protector up in the afternoon, better safe than sorry I guess. I'm not really certain I understand what you mean. How exactly am I supposed to test my USB connectors? Currently I have a Logitech K120 keyboard connected and a SS Rival.
  5. Hi guys. I've stumbled onto a problem recently. Specs: i5 6600k msi r9 290 gaming 4g Asus Z170-A Kingston HyperX 2666Mhz 8GB WDN4800 Wifi adapter WD Blue 1TB SanDisk Plus 126GB SSD seasonic m12ii evo 620w I've placed my pc at my dorm, and been using it since saturday. Everything was running perfectly fine. Now, wednesday my pc suddenly shut down. Message came up saying that Asus anti surge protection caused the shutdown. What surprises me is that my pc has been running perfectly for 5 days, and now it randomly shuts down every now and then. Possible causes (?): -Faulty PSU -Faulty mobo -Bad powernet (power surges etc) -??? Solutions: I know that 80% of the answers will be "RMA your PSU". The thing is, I bought it from a well known webshop. Their RMA policy is a bit weird though. First, I'd have to pay shipping costs. They claim they'll pay it back if the product is repaired under warranty though. Since I built the pc myself, they automatically charge me at least €17,50 because they have to test the component. If they don't find any errors, they'll send an e-mail asking if they should test it further, costing me even more. (€17,50/hour). Or send it back without further testing, so I won't get my shipping costs paid + I have to pay some more. Could something simple, like a Belking SurgeMaster be a solution? I'm just using a regular power strip now. Or do I need an UPS? UPS' are expensive though, and I don't really have the money. Other suggestions are welcome aswell.
  6. Played the shit out of this game. This is amazing news
  7. URL looks fake + grammar errors :-/ Also, do people still play RS? I'm getting old ...
  8. As to nuke your HDD. I know that Killdisk can do that without having to boot from said HDD, and this should wipe your HDD out completly if I'm not mistaken. (been a while since I've used it)
  9. Update! Pc has been built now. Took me a lot longer than expected. I ran into some issues, pc didn't boot up. Fans were twitching a bit, but no boot. Anyway, after having everything installed, I had to pull everything out again. I've now learnt to always breadboard everything. Managed to fix it somehow, pc runs perfectly now. (pics coming saturday after I moved it). Edit: Don't mind the floor, room was somewhat messy. Also, pringles can is being used to squash mosquitoes...
  10. No ram matches Avexir's aesthetically imo. Edit: added spoiler
  11. I'm almost convinced they're telling the truth, yet bending it in some way for their own advantage :-/ But maybe I'm just too paranoid.
  12. Get a D5 pump perhaps? Also very overkill build...
  13. Huginn

    Dutch Talk

    Heb een BenQ XL2411Z besteld. Zal eens zien of er zo'n verschil is met m'n Dell P2414H.
  14. Huginn

    Dutch Talk

    Hoge kwaliteit TN panel kan zich toch redelijk meten met een midgrade IPS, of niet?