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  1. 1. I don't mind the jack, I have bought a pair of sennheiser momentum wireless 2.0 last year before getting the iphone X and I still use those, and I see people getting around 5 hours of sot on xperia 1, plus the battery isn't a concern for me, since I'm almost always near an outlet if I ever need it. 2. Kinda yes, the S10 plus, I already have it and what I can get now that is decent from my provider are xperia 1 and P30 pro, because I'm not going back on iOS, ever again. 3. Dunno what to say to that...
  2. So, I currently have a s10 plus and next week I can upgrade my other contract for free and get a new phone. The question is...should I stay with my s10 plus or get a xperia 1? I'm gonna upgrade anyway, cuz my brother wants a new phone, so the money are going to get spent anyway. No oneplus 7 pro, because in UK O2 went total retard mode and went from the only ones with oneplus phones to the only ones without oneplus phones. And also no P30 pro, because I already chose the S10 plus over that one, last month when I switched from my iPhone X, all because they didn't include a dual speaker in it. I like my s10 plus, but xperia fixes my only gripe about it...the hole. I'd really like some words from people that currently have a Xperia 1 and their experience with it, so far.
  3. Found it now, it already had advanced mode in the bios starting screen itself, but sata mode was already selected as AHCI mode, which apparently is the only mode that I can select for that.
  4. Pressing F7 doesn’t do anything. It only tells me to press delete to run bios setup or F11 to run boot menu
  5. Right, So I upgraded my brother’s pc from an i3 6100 to an i5 6402p, and after swapping the CPUs and installing a new cooler, now the pc doesn’t boot into windows, I already “resetted?” the cmos (removed the battery on the mobo for 30s or so, then put it back). I can get into bios, see the new cpu there, but when it tries to boot into windows, it just gives me the blue screen and then it restarts itself after about 5-10s of blue screen, each time with a different error name. What magic should I use to get it working?
  6. The ram is ddr4, and I was only asking as I wasn’t sure if the cpu supports 4 dimms. thank for answers. and I’m just upgrading my brothers pc to an i3 8100 and a 1060.
  7. The “new cpu” is the i3 8100. As I am upgrading the whole pc from antique hardware and only keeping the case, ram, ssd, hdd, etc
  8. Is 4x4gb 2133mhz ok for an I3 8100? (already have 2x4gb 2133 and I will buy one more set, as I am already buying a new cpu, mobo and gpu)
  9. Right, so I had a look around and I can get a h310 mobo for £50, an i3 8100 for £113 and a gtx 1660ti from msi for £260...is that a good combo or will the i3 bottleneck the 1660ti? And I will just move the 2x4gb 2133mhz ram over on the new mobo, as unfortunately I’m a student and I don’t like my brother that much
  10. I was at first looking at a 6th or 7th gen i5, i7, but for “reasons” the prices are so stupidly high for those that it is cheaper to buy a ryzen and a mobo than a 6700...
  11. Right, so I want to upgrade my brother’s pc (old bday gift from me) for his bday next week and I want to get a ryzen 5 1600, so I’ll have to change the mobo(since he has an i3 6100 now), and upgrade from the 960 he has now to either a 1060 or 580 or 590. My “problem” is this basically: since I’m a noob in this and never installed a cpu before (installed everything else tho). I know that ryzen doesn’t have an igpu and won’t get any video output with just the cpu in, what i want to ask in short is, when I’ll put the new cpu, mobo and gpu together, will I get any video output from the gpu(even tho no drivers are installed) or not? (This might be a retarded question to some of you, but that’s me) and 1 more (don’t hate me pls): he already has 2x4gb ddr4 2133mhz cl15 1.2v crucial green pcb in his pc now, and I was thinking of getting another set of 2x4gb with exactly the same specs, but I only found a pair of black pcb ones from gskill (can’t even find the crucial ones for sale on their own god damn website), will these 2 sets work together if I put them in a mobo with 4 dimm slots?