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  1. Hello you would need a good suggestion on which thermal compound to use and whether there is anything good you recommend. and when should it be replaced? cpu is i9 9900k cooler Thermaltake Vesijahutus Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium
  2. thanx but can you recomend some radeon gpu? for white pc build?
  3. Hello my friend wants a full amd computer and he got a motherboard for his Asus rog strix B450 and he is looking for a good processor but not a big one can anyone recommend? and what should be good ram speed?
  4. I have a cpu i9 9900k and im going with asus rog code motherboard
  5. I have a cpu i9 9900k and im going with asus rog code motherboard
  6. Hi i do video editing and gaming and photoshop and i need a pc memory help what speed and ? is kingston predator ddr4 3200MHz 32gb good (XMP)?
  7. Is 3000 series gpu comes out in summer? are some price predictions?
  8. Hi I have a problem to chooseing a gpu i want a 2080ti but is expensive or go with 2x 2070 or wait a 3000 series (MBY) any good gpu recommendations?
  9. Hello I have a question I cant choose what motherboard to buy? Rog maximus xi code or Rog maximus xi formula cpu is i9 9900k i know that formula has wattercooling but to i need to add wattercooling?
  10. so it works allmoste like 390 mb or i lose some preformase
  11. hello i bought myself an i9 9900k and i have a rog strix z370-f gaming motherboard and researching to buy a newmate I discovered that many use the same motherboard with a newer processor and do not know whether to buy 390MB or stay with my rog strix z370-f gaming? recommendations on whether it works
  12. how about Cooler Master ML360R RGB or NZXT KRAKEN X72
  13. Hello what is good or best cooler for i9 9900k? i think 360 radiator cooler but some reviews with 240? can someone help me? :)
  14. so its the same but with no graphics?