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  1. DarkDragon2K04

    Xbox project scarlett price

    Yes microsoft will get the chips for cheaper prices of course Firstly how much can a box cost. You say it like a box bumps the price up $100 and they will still have to be packaged from AMD to microsft one way or the other. Even if there is no cooler Microsoft will still have to add fans to it. After the price for the chips there is still price for the other parts - the ram, drive, rest of mobo, PSU, chasis There is still the money that goes into testing, manufacturing, testing and many other things. How are peopel thinking this will ccome at less than $600. If such performance of zen 2 and navi gpus can be gotten at these prices then prices of gaming laptops should be questioned
  2. DarkDragon2K04

    Xbox project scarlett price

    I don't think the deal would be that good that both would be less that $600 combined
  3. DarkDragon2K04

    Xbox project scarlett price

    1. No one wants a 256gb ssd for gaming 2. there is no need for 120fps TVs often come at 60fps and BFGDs arent so popular and people wouldnt just go out running to buy them because of that 3. 4. 5. Come on they know they do business has changed And dont act like the price of these zen 2 cpus + a navi gpu wouldnt be more than $600 and then they still have to add ram a drive turn the chips into an SOC most likely all of that. And even if they dont want to make profit what of the Playstation faithfuls out there sony will want to make profit
  4. DarkDragon2K04

    Xbox project scarlett price

    With this whole talk about SSDs,Zen 2 cpus, Navi custom gpus and then "4k 120fps", "8K" and all the rest how can we be sure that this will come at less than $700. Ok let's get rational here, an SSD will bump the price, these cpus and gpus are coming at prices of $300 - $500 although they will get them for a little bit cheaper but you know they have to make profit. Then there is the chasis the whole manufacturing process. With all this how can these come otu for aorung $400
  5. DarkDragon2K04

    Opinions on Huawei Matebook D 14"

    I am not talking about how safe they are we are taling on they bans been placed on huawei there are probabilities these will affect even products they have released
  6. DarkDragon2K04

    Worth it? (Gonna play games at low-medium settings)

    must It be ryzen. And what is your budget
  7. DarkDragon2K04

    Pixel 3a from Galaxy S8?

    The only advantages the pixel 3a has over the S8 is better camera, pure android and OS updates will be more frequent for this device and will be for a longer time than the S8. Otherwise the S8 is the better phone, it has better specs, better build quality, better display and size and is overall just amazing.
  8. DarkDragon2K04

    Affordable Phone

    The xiaomi pocophone would be a very good option at this price, it has flagship specs from last year and costs $300 currently on amazon but I am very sure you can get a deal for it somewhere.
  9. DarkDragon2K04

    HP Omen - Best External GPU

    HP has their own omen accelerator egpu specifically for hp omen laptops
  10. DarkDragon2K04

    Help with choosing thin laptop

    If you care about non gamery looking laptop I would reccomend the razer blade 15 or the latest zephyrus G or M. The zephyrus S is an amazing choice but doesn't look like something you would use for work on the go with it's opening bottom lid. The alienware's are ussually given good ratings by reviewers so.... I hear the MSI GS65 has bad build quality so don't go there.
  11. Since budget isn't an issue you can check the latest line of razer blade 15s, their cooling issues have been reduced. The latest ROG zephyrus M and G are nice. Since you don't want anything that looks "dumb" I wouldn't recommend the aero 15 or the alienware lineup. You could wait for this year's xps 15 that will have a 1650
  12. DarkDragon2K04

    Worth it? (Gonna play games at low-medium settings)

    I would reccomend you go for the sku with the ryzen 7 3750H or if you are interseted in somethin gelse from asus check their zephyrus G - https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-G-GA502/
  13. It's a below $1000 gaming laptop and he states he doesn't intend on playing on it 24/7 so he can go for something like that.
  14. The latest line of AMD laptops and nvidia 16 series laptops will be a good choice. The problem is they are still rolling out so it will take some time for you to find the one with best value but they are still many in this price range that are out. Lenovo L340 - https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-IdeaPad-i5-9300H-Processor-81LK000EUS/dp/B07R81FDRJ/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=lenovo+l340&qid=1560361702&s=gateway&sr=8-6, https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-15-6-Inch-i7-9750H-Processor-81LK000EUS/dp/B07R6XPYKB/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=lenovo+l340&qid=1560361702&s=gateway&sr=8-2, https://www.newegg.com/black-lenovo-ideapad-l340-81lk000pus-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16834845009?Description=lenovo l340&cm_re=lenovo_l340-_-34-845-009-_-Product
  15. DarkDragon2K04

    Need Opinions on 2in1s and the like

    With the list you have given the two best options are the surface and ipad. If you are going with the ipad I would recommend the ipad pro 2nd gen. The ipad pro is better for drawing. The surface has higher pixel density than both models of the ipad pro. The surface pro has better cpu performance if you go with the i7 but don't forget it can be configured to 16gb ram which the ipad has no option for that so hard multitasking on the ipad. The surface still has the advantage of running apps that aren't available fore ipad. They both use LCDs. The ipad pro has a 120hz display while the surface pro 6 has a standard 60hz display. The surface pro 6 has all the ports the ipad pro has and more. Both version of the ipad are lighter than the surface pro 6. The surface pro 6 has a standard destop OS if you want something like that. Ipad OS has been optimized for more desktop day-to-day tasks but is still no there yet. The ipad pro has the advantage of easy connectivity to other devices in the apple ecosystem. The surface pro 6 still has better keyboard, mosue support etc. even with the new addition of ipad OS. The ipad of course has longer battery life. Those are the things I think you need to know.