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  1. My father pays for it so he is the one with the password. And my uncle who is the person i want to throttle his download speeds is the one who is using up all the bandwith and is aware that we are having speeds at about 20kb/s down from our normal 500kb/s and he just keeps downloading and is very aggressive so I cant speak to him about it
  2. So I have a guest, and he is connected to our wifi and I dont have the admin password to the wifi so I can do it from there. So if I want to reduce his chrome download speed to a limit how can i do that
  3. I want to get a smart speaker this holiday and don't know if to get a google home or an echo. i have checked all the prices and I am confortable with all of them but am now sure which will better suite my needs. I use an iphone 7 my roommate a samsung A20. I also don't know if to get the mini versions or the full sized version. If I am to get the mini version I will then get a separate portable speaker but I don't know how good the speakers on these things are for music so should I get a mini version with a separate speaker or get the full sized version and use it also as a speaker for music.
  4. The problem is when I moved in the speakers were already placed there. The guys that set it up didn't give me any manual of any sorts. Apart from air play the only way i can connect to them is on an app they gave me and the app isn't available for windows only mobile
  5. So I am running windows 10 1903 Home version and I have wifi speakers. they are physically built into the ceiling but are connected to my wifi system. I want to play music to them from my laptop. If I am using an apple device I can connect to them using airplay although the speakers aren't apple devices. But now I don't know how to connect my laptop.
  6. Intel core i3 6100u, 4gb ram and 500GB HDD
  7. Where do I go for bios updates and do I need to download special things like OpenCL and the like for games. I am looking to run fortnite and this laptop meets minimum required specs according to the set but then I reduce all settings and resolutions to low and it is still not able to run. What do you recomend I do
  8. So I have never had the time to bother to learn about updating drivers. I am only familiar with windows updates and using driver booster FREE. But now I want to update all my necessary drivers. I don't know where to go to do this stuff. Like I run an 13 6100u, 4gb ram and 500gb HDD. Can anyone help me with sties were i will find these updates.
  9. What's going on with fortnite? We have been waiting for over an hour
  10. You could reference a blade, alienware m15, asus ROG laptop, msi gs65
  11. So I have heard a lot about the QC of razer laptops been shit. But I am wondering how long a blade 15 would last. I am interested in it I am not much of a gamer so most people would say get an xps or something else but I am more interested in the blade because of how thin it is(the xps is also thin), it's design and rgb and with a graphics card that is more powerful than what I need the GPU will be powerful enough for some years so do you think it is worth it the blade or QC will be an issue.
  12. So of course the 9750H is more powerful than the 8750H but I am questioned if the extra price asked for this machine is worth it mostly with the price of the 8750H machines dropping and most manufacturers made little to no other tweaks in the machines that they upgraded from the 8750H to 9750H