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    LambdaSystems reacted to Bouzoo in [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion   
    I don't see what you're trying to say. She was the last introduced hero and was featured in only 1 MCU movie previously (she technically wasn't in IW), there was no time to develop her character or to go through tragedies like Thor did. And why specifically those 2? 
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Delicieuxz in Tim Sweeney to Steam: Don't want timed-exclusives? Match our revenue split   
    EGS doesn't do regional pricing, and as a result games are typically more expensive on EGS than on Steam for customers outside of North America. GoG did regional pricing until EGS started undercutting them. At that point, GoG released an announcement saying that they can't operate at a profit while continuing to do regional pricing at rates competitive with EGS, and so they're cancelling their regional pricing program.
    EGS' 12% fee isn't enough to cover transaction fees for all countries without having to add additional costs in some countries. So, that tells me that EGS couldn't possibly do regional pricing and keep their current fee system.
    From Valve's 30/25/20/0% fee system, they:
    Supply games for download
    Have developed and supports a comprehensive feature set that Tim Sweeney has said he doesn't plan to match
    Do lots of physical product R&D (Steam boxes, Steam link, Steam controllers, HTC Vive, etc)
    Do lots of software R&D (linux gaming, Steam features)
    Offers regional pricing
    Allows publishers / developers to print as many free Steam keys for their games as they want and sell them elsewhere, with Valve taking 0% on all of those sales - some estimates suggest that 30% of all Steam games are bought on a site other than Steam, in which case Valve would be getting 0% revenue from 30% of the games they supply hosting, download, community features, support, etc, for.
    With EGS's 12%/18% fee system, they:
    Supply games for download
    Here are some other interesting posts from the Twitter discussion where Tim said EGS would retreat from exclusives if Steam matches their 12%/18% fee:
    (for a large version of the image, click it, then click it again, then click it one more time)

    And this is another look at the claim that EGS is 12% compared to a supposed 30% on Steam. The entire thread has to be read:
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    LambdaSystems reacted to EldritchMoose in [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion   
    It was worthy.
    Like, I'm sitting here a day after I saw it and I'm still buzzing from the excitement. I'm 35 years old and I haven't felt this way about a movie since I saw Jurassic Park on opening day while I was still rocking single digits.
    There is just so much to love about this movie. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. My favourite parts:
    - Seeing the team dealing with the loss they suffered. It felt raw, it was hard to watch as Captain America desperately tried to keep up the facade that there is a positive here. It felt familiar to see Thor deal with his own depression in the exact same way I did 12 years ago - with an unhealthy dose of games, alcohol and junk food and accompanied by a handful of people he felt safe to be around. Tony lashing out after his return by saying out loud what he couldn't articulate on the ship. Poor guy must have been bouncing between "I failed the universe." and "Maybe we would have made it if the others had listened to me." for weeks.
    - Captain Marvel emphasizing that her help was needed on a cosmic scale. I'm very glad that they didn't choose to limit her abilities, but rather have her availability be limited by her sense of duty.
    - Some amazing jokes at exactly the right times. The movie is an emotional rollercoaster that knows when to pull at the heartstrings and when to poke at the funny bone. "America's Ass" probably is my favourite out of all of them.
    - Frigga. She knows bad shit is going to happen and she knows exactly what the Thor in front of her needs to give him a foothold to pull himself out of his depression: He needs to be told that he is still worthy, that he still has a purpose.
    - The call-backs to other MCU films were great. Cap winding up in an elevator with Rumlow and a bunch of Hydra agents (and then subverting the expected beatdown by referencing Secret Empire).
    - "On your left." I knew as soon as it was Cap, Thor and Iron Man against Thanos that the cavalry was going to arrive when Thanos seemed to have the upper hand. Never in a million years would I have imagined it to be this badass only to be topped off by the most teased pairing of words in cinema since 2012.
    - Rescue. It's about time that we actually got a more comic-accurate Pepper. She was one of the few things that made me actively dislike the Iron Man films up to this point.
    - Vision was one of my favourite MCU characters, so seeing him die twoce at the end of Infinity War was not fun for me. Seeing angry Wanda exact her revenge on Thanos to the point where he has to resort to nuking her from lower orbit was incredibly satisfying.
    - Captain Marvel not being the Deus Ex Machina that I feared she might be, given her power level. She showed up when she had to and had a great 1v1 fight with Thanos. I loved the fact that he hit her in the face only for her to completely no-sell it and that Thanos showed his pragmatism by directly (and successfully) adapting his strategy. Thanos is far more than just a physical powerhouse and you need more than just raw power to beat him. I also loved that she didn't "overstay her welcome." Don't get me wrong, I love the character and the possibilities for the franchise going further (Cosmic Marvel is the shit, IMO), but this film is the culmination of the storylines told across 21 movies and 10 years. I am very happy that it stands as a celebration of all that came before, and not just have the new hotness steal the show at the last minute. 
    - Valkyrie on a pegasus. 'Nuff said!
    - Tony Stark having gone from unrepentant selfish A-hole to saving the universe. His journey was one of a selfish man learning to become selfless for the greater good, and it came together in the best possible way.
    - The entirety of the denouement, with everybody (including the kid from Iron Man 3) honouring the fallen hero and Cap getting the happy ending he never dreamed he would have.
    I could go on for quite some time. I will say, though, that I know one particular scene will probably be criticized to death. Yes, it was gratuitous, yes it was pandering and no, it probably wasn't necessary because the film would have run just fine without it. You know what it was, though? It was still badass to see every single female hero that is currently alive in the MCU do what they're good at.
    The MCU is many things for me, but above all it is a way to enjoy the stories that I read as a kid on screen as an adult. For decades I have had to endure yelling from studio executives that "Comic book movies make no money!" only for that to be turned into an entertainment subgenre that includes 8 titles in the top 20 highest grossing films of all time. After that, the yelling shifted to "Okay, but it needs to be well-known heroes like Batman and Superman!" Both of whom are playing second fiddle to the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and even Ant-man in terms of tickets sold. I hope that scenes like this one can show that it's not important what skin colour or gender the main character has because in the past 3 years, we've seen Wonder Woman become the 10th highest grossing film of 2017, Black Panther the second highest-grossing film of 2018 behind Infinity War and currently Captain Marvel as either the highest grossing in 2019 or second highest if you read this after the opening weekend for Endgame has passed. 
    As a kid, I wanted to read about Spider Man and Batman because they were Spider Man and Batman, not because they were men. It's 2019, why is it so hard to learn that we're a few decades past the point where having a certain actor star is enough to sell a movie?  
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Lathlaer in [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion   
    The same could be said about Guardians of the Galaxy coming across Thor's destroyed Asgard ship in Infinity War. 
    One would have to assume that at some point Tony and Nebula had to put an SOS signal and the ship being what it is (not Earth tech), it probably had a range of one or two galaxies.
    Most of it isn't even new to Cpt. Marvel. EVERY superhero has moments when at one point writers give them some ability only to disregard it later because it's convenient. Ofc you would only go after Danvers because this is the cool thing to do now but let me give you some other examples.
    1. Thanos, who could sometimes use the stones and sometimes couldn't or for some reason wouldn't. Let's face it, if he used reality stone more often there wouldn't even be a movie.
    2. Doctor Strange who wouldn't use his Time Stone during a normal fight even once
    3. Spider-Man being able to catch a speeding car or a falling car with his bare hands and sometimes being shown weaker than Cpt. America
    4. Tony Stark and his suit which could take Thor's hammer to the chest in the Avengers but would fall apart from a kick of some not even that much overpowered dude in Iron Man 3
    5. Thanos who could physically beat Hulk into submission with his bare fists and yet couldn't one shot Steve Rogers
    6. Steve Rogers who could somehow take on Thanos in limited capacity but in his own movies had one on one fights with some algierian bozo and not being able to finish the fight in like 5 seconds.
    7. Thor who could summon the Bifrost with his weapon but ofc used it only once in previous movie when it was convenient.
    And these are only examples from MCU. Superhero movies are PLAGUED with situations where one person is given some kind of ability and there are scenes just to show it off when it fits the script only to be omitted when the script calls for something else.
    The classic example is Spider Sense in Toby Maguire versions. Showing how he can sense a mosquito falling and how everything is in slow motion for him because he senses it all and his reaction speed is so great but he gets clocked to the head on regular basis by things that shouldn't have even hit him.
    To be honest I find it funny that these are the things you are going for when arguing that she somehow ruined the movie - most people were afraid that she will be this one woman army rendering the rest of the team pointless, doing everything on her own, killing Thanos with her bare fists etc. and here you are, complaining that they tamed her a bit in order to not make it a one woman show ?
    If anything, Wanda came closer to killing him than any other hero there ?
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    LambdaSystems reacted to sowon in [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion   
    I just came home from watching Avengers: Endgame with my family. It was probably my favorite movie of the year, and could possibly even be in my all time top 3.
    I'm gonna put my whole thoughts in a spoiler just in case (text heavy):
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Spotty in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    The graph in itself is super fucking weird. The data they chose to represent is super weird. I get having "girls" (women) as a category, but it's directly compared against things like "people who work out 4 times a week". There's no comparison to "Men". They have "Men who have a wife" category... But no other relationship status? Women who are married? Men who are single? Nope...
    Whoever created this graph was very selective with what data they chose to represent and how it was represented, in an attempt that I can only assume is to engineer a particular result.

    Then there's the fact that the results shown in the graph are ordered by how much they improved by, except for the Women category which is out of place and placed next to the lowest scores (where by contrast it makes it look much larger). Then for whatever reason they changed the colour of the bar in the graph for the women results, and even added a huge graphic next to the "girls" result.

    People criticise Nvidia for useless fucking graphs, but this is just as bad.

    Same results but this time all the results are ordered, and there are no special graphics or different coloured bars to make certain results stand out. Doesn't look so exciting now, does it?

    Where's the news articles for "Survey proves shut-ins are the best gamers!"? /s
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    LambdaSystems reacted to DrMacintosh in Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled   
    Imagine paying $2000+ for the Galaxy Fold when you can get a better experience for half the price. 
    Seriously, pick your favorite smartphone (in my case the iPhone 8 Plus) and just buy an iPad. 
    iPhone 8 Plus: $699 
    iPad: $329
    Total: $1,028
    Boom, saved $1K and you have a way better user experience.
    The technology behind folding displays is cool and should be developed more. But the concept of a folding phone is flawed. 
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Enderman in Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled   
    Your profile pic fits the news perfectly.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to MaratM in Old PC resurection on a budjet [Build Log] A watercooling thriller   
    Today I've recieved one of the last parts for my "not really budget" upgrade

    M.2 waterblock from China
    it is RGB?
    PS The last part has arrived, it is very heavy and a bult like a tank. The system rebuild will start within a week time
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Nowak in Kotaku UK Accused of Racism After Trying to Accuse Nintendo, Super Smash Bros., and Persona 5 of Insulting Disabled People   
    People. The OP isn't implying that disabled people are a race. The OP is implying that Kotaku UK was accused of racism because a Japanese singer mangled pronunciation of an English word and they turned it into something about the song intentionally insulting disabled people because of the mangled pronunciation. Reading comprehension helps, yo.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Slurs Gang in Kotaku UK Accused of Racism After Trying to Accuse Nintendo, Super Smash Bros., and Persona 5 of Insulting Disabled People   
    Source: https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/04/19/kotaku-uk-accused-of-racism-after-trying-to-accuse-nintendo-super-smash-bros-and-persona-5-of-insulting-disabled-people/


    Here is the song
    This is the reason why we can't have nice things because people are easily get offended for stuff like this. Seriously though, what the fuck is this bullsh*t accusation to Nintendo, Super Smash Bros, and Persona 5?! It just a game and a music and yet people are easily get offended. People need to chill the fuck out and stop making themselves look completely asshoe over stuff like this. Sure, they might included some offended slurs but that doesn't mean it is racism. If you don't like it than don't play it, simple as that.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Bitter in The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress   
    We need reviews on things like these, the real peripherals!
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    LambdaSystems reacted to boostang99 in My First PC Build Custom Water Loop QuadStellar   
    Hey everyone,
    I am new to the forums today after I just finished my first build. Decided to try something different for the pc so I chose the Gamer Storm Quadstellar. Overall was a little tricky to build in but was not a horrible experience. The case is very well manufactured and I have no complaints with quality. The biggest issues are cable management since the quadrants do run tight to the back of the mobo and fitting a 360mm radiator.
    Here are the components used in the build:
    Gamerstorm Quadstellar case (case does not breathe well so I leave glass panels off during gaming)
    9 Thermaltake riing plus fans
    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus master mobo
    Corsair rgb vengeance 3000hz ram 32gb total
    i9 9900k
    Gigabyte rtx2080ti waterforce extreme wb
    Thermaltake d5 pump
    Thermaltake c360 radiator and xspc 240mm thin radiator
    Thermaltake pacific cpu water block
    Intel 660P m.2 2280 1TB SSD
    WD 500GB HD (Left over part from old computer that had windows)
    ThermalTake Toughpower iRGB 1050 Watt Modular PSU
    Mayhems Clear UV Blue Coolant
    Nanoxia UV LED Strips
    Thermaltake Pacific fittings
    2 Thermaltake TT Sync Controllers
    Ran into a couple other snags along the way. Normally was going to run the thermaltake CL360 Radiator but it just would not fit. Swapped out for just the C360. Also first GPU the LED lights would not work so had to send back for a replacement. During this time I also changed the water tubing going to the GPU. Hope you enjoy the build! If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am a complete novice in all of this so advice is greatly appreciated.

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    LambdaSystems reacted to BrinkGG in The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress   
    Alex didn't even get to try the Oscilloscope...
    I wanted to see that.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to neSSa in ZOROG project #CMWS19Finals   
    GPUs are ready for instal

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    LambdaSystems reacted to Jurrunio in Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X - watercooled, oc'd to the limit, RGBW custom cables.   
    not the board I would have picked, can't wait to see the final product though
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    LambdaSystems reacted to aezakmi in Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores (Updated)   
    Looks like this masterpiece will never be outdated

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    LambdaSystems reacted to Arika S in Dissenter - The comment section of the internet - And a severe game-changer for free speech   
    really wish people would stop using "far-right" as a way to discredit everything.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to handymanshandle in Dissenter - The comment section of the internet - And a severe game-changer for free speech   
    Well, that's what happens when you convince everyone that if someone has a different political ideology to you, they should be automatically discredited no matter how possibly valid their statement is.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to GabenJr in Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?   
    1. That was mostly just for illustrative purposes, but I did use the Crosshair VII for testing. I tuned the memory to the same timings, and set everything up with stock / AMD-default performance profiles (that is, no performance enhancements that might be enabled by default by ASUS). The overclock was very mild, as the chip I used couldn't handle much more than +100MHz without becoming unstable, so the board would not have been a limiting factor (particularly on a six-core).
    2. The A320 board was there to compare pricing against the adjusted Intel build where we dropped the overclocking requirement. The ASRock B450 Pro4 is what the initial AMD build used.
    3. Yes, I did use single channel memory for testing the Intel build. Dual channel would have made a difference, yes, but it wouldn't have pushed performance by more than a couple of percentage points.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to TetraSky in Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?   
    @GabenJr I have some questions
    It's clear to me that you guys didn't use the actual parts lists you've selected when doing the benchmarks(as is evident with what I assume is the crosshair VII X470 motherboard used for AMD in the short clip before benchmark results), but
    If you weren't going to just outright buy the parts you've picked, why not tell us the actual parts being used? It's kind of a bait and switch you're pulling here by saying "here's the performances you can expect with this hardware" but then proceed to use high end hardware that cost a lost more than 750$.  
    In your parts list you've chosen an A320 motherboard on the AMD side.
    This chipset is non-overclockable, meaning talking about overclocking AMD's CPU and its potential extra performances is wrong in the first place. So why even mention overclocking at all for this budget build?
    Someone who doesn't know any better, might take your list as gospel and buy an A320 motherboard thinking it can overclock. Please understand this.  
    Did you use single channel memory on the Intel side like it was shown on the parts list or did you guys use the same dual/quad channel memory kit for both AMD and Intel? Apparently this point got some people butthurt on this forum and in the youtube comments, saying dual channel memory gets you higher performances on Intel so Linus should've taken a 2x4 kit that was barely a few dollars more than 1x8 and fitted in the 750$ budget just fine.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to dragodin in An open letter to Linus: We at /r/linux_gaming are happy to help   
    Hi there Linus,
    I'm a sub, a linux gamer and I'm from /r/linux_gaming. I really enjoyed your linux videos with Wendell and your first Proton video. I also noticed that there are always heated discussions in the comment section because of things that people said they could have been researched better. I'm talking about, for example, the fact that you picked an older nVidia driver version, or that the video didn't show some workaround for some proton games, or the fact that you suggested to download some stuff from the web instead of using the repo, etc...
    I understand that Linux is a very alien world when you first approach it and that passionate Linux users are quick to criticize things that are not correct. So here's my point: I think I can speak for everyone when I say that for your next Proton video "We are happy to help".
    Are you unsure about some aspects of Proton? Feel free to ask!
    Proton workarounds are a pain in the ass? Ask away!
    You don't know what's better between developer drivers and regular drivers? Ask us!
    Do you want to know our general experience with Proton? Oh boy, we have a lot to talk about.
    WTF even is vulkan_icd_loader? Seriously, we are here.
    I'm not saying that we should review the script, because I think that it would go too far, but we can certainly have a discussion, and certainly we are happy to help.
    Feel free to visit at /r/linux_gaming
    The average Linux gamer

    Original post: https://old.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/b0kmpg/an_open_letter_to_linus_tech_tips_we_are_happy_to/

    EDIT: spear -> speak
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Velcade in An open letter to Linus: We at /r/linux_gaming are happy to help   
    I'm a dom
    Nice to see a linux gaming subreddit.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to like_ooh_ahh in RED quietly removes any mention of modular accessories for the Hydrogen One   
    I guess dbrand is right...