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    LambdaSystems reacted to Morgan MLGman in Cyberpunk's creator slams critics who claim Cyberpunk 2077 is racist / inaccurate to the source, refutes their claims   
    I see. Well, I genuinely don't see the OP humiliating or denouncing the journalist in any other way than merithorical (in this case about the merit of his article)...

    I think people are a bit over-sensitive these days. Imagine a situation like this:
    A graphics designer comes up with designs and ideas for different in-game characters, he thinks they're genuinely awesome, so he goes to his superior to show his ideas for characters from different parts of the game, the superior says they look cool, great and fit the background of the game so they decide to implement them.

    Later the game gets teased in the form of a trailer at E3 and some random journalist (despite MANY others that reviewed the same demo) writes a piece with words like "racist" in it because he didn't like how some of the characters were portrayed. Fine, you can dislike it but that doesn't make it racist.

    I highly doubt the graphics designer at CDPR went "hey guys, let's silently put racist characters into our game! noone will definitely notice and we will freely spread our racist agenda" It's just an artistic depiction that fits in the world of the game.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Bouzoo in Cyberpunk's creator slams critics who claim Cyberpunk 2077 is racist / inaccurate to the source, refutes their claims   
    It's even more bizarre writing an article of underpresentation based on a 40 min gameplay video. The cry to be noticed is through the roof.
    But then again, RPS has been especially garbage in the last year so not unexpected.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to peanuts104 in Toto, I don't think we're in China anymore - US companies adopting social credit score system   
    That's the problem, it's not just social media.  Companies could sell your data to credit agencies to feed their algorithms and determine your "trustworthiness".  Things like religious beliefs, frequent google searches, weapon ownership, and a multitude of personal data could be used in their algorithm.  Even if you don't have social media, there is personal data out there about you that credit agencies would love to purchase and many of the services you use online would love to sell.
    Further, even if it was just based on social media, not having one would be seen in a negative light, kinda like having no debt (no credit cards, loans, etc) are seen as suspect to credit agencies. 
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Taf the Ghost in Google Stadia, Live Stream Wrap-Up   
    And there's still going to be the latency issues unless you're really close to a Google Datacenter. So the market will always be in highly populated areas or connection spaces with really, really low latency. Part of why South Korea and Tokyo should work wonders for this.
    But the killer part: they don't have any exclusive games. That's what's going to kill them. They need all of the F2P games they can get and as many RPGs as they can get. The less games with shooting mechanics, the better. The problem is that it's a Vulkan-based Linux platform, which means you have 30 years of PC games that don't work on it. Thus, they'll have no back catalog, and will need to pay for games to be ported to the platform. (And operate generally in a mGPU configuration, since Vega 56s don't do 4K the best.)
    Realistically, this is a way for Google to build out a GPGPU infrastructure and maybe have a way to displace the costs that go with it. They're never going to make money directly on this project.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Morgan MLGman in Poland Memes on Article 13...Literally   
    Funny how this isn't even news in Poland
    It is a populist move and it won't succeed, we have a populist government that wins elections by giving away "free" money to people. This stuff isn't even news in Poland, it's something that will "disappear" soon from any headlines because the European election is over and they convincingly won it.
    Note that Poland is led by a populist, propagandist party that was voted for by over 75% of people with little-to-no education (i.e basic education or none) and as a contrast, only under 25% of people with a university degree or better voted for them. The relatively poorer half of the country (eastern one) overwhelmingly chose them because of the thoughtless social programs.

    To sum up: I think more countries should oppose Article 13. The fact that the Polish government claims that now means nothing because they can change their minds any minute and also, they just don't care so don't get your hopes up that this changes anything This isn't even a topic people debate here, trust me - if the first time I'm hearing about something happening in my country from LTT then it isn't big news  
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    LambdaSystems reacted to TahoeDust in (16core added)AMD 3000 specs! 4.7 GHZ, R9 3950x, R7 3700x, 3800x.   
    Some of the expectations were so ridiculous.  People must have thought AMD had some physics defying magic up their sleave. 
  7. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to leadeater in WSJ: Huawei's Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics   
    But this is what makes Huawei network and server equipment such a good deal, they come with free life time cloud backup
  8. Informative
    LambdaSystems reacted to ThePointblank in WSJ: Huawei's Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics   
    This article was published by the Wall Street Journal, which goes into depth explaining various allegations against Huawei's behaviour, including engaging in theft and intellectual property infringement:
    The article opens with a case from 2004, when Huawei was still a very small player in the networking and telecommunications world. Back in 2004, at the close of the Supercomm tech conference in Chicago, a Huawei employee, Zhu Yibin, was stopped by security after he was noticed to be opening and photographing the circuit boards of network equipment at booths from companies such as Nortel and Fujitsu. There, security found on him and confiscated multiple memory cards full of these pictures, plus a notebook with diagrams and data belonging to AT&T Corp. The employee claimed it was his first time in the US and wasn't aware that the Supercomm conference had a no photography rule.
    Per the WSJ, after reviewing 10 US court cases, plus interviews with Huawei's competitors, former employees and US officials, they are suggesting that Huawei "had a corporate culture that blurred the boundary between competitive achievement and ethically dubious methods of pursuing it." In many cases, Huawei's ethically dubious methods of trying to catch up or come out ahead of their competitors were systematic throughout the company; for example, in Huawei's Sweden office, after trying to recruit talent from competitors, Huawei increasingly turned to scrutinizing the network hardware of rivals, by stashing foreign-made equipment in an electronically secured basement where only Chinese employees could access. There, equipment was often sent back to China for analysis by Huawei's engineers. These secretive chambers, with the regimented levels of secrecy and security were apparently common throughout Huawei's foreign offices, and it is the belief by intelligence officials that Huawei was handling "information more like a state intelligence service", "while relying on a protected communications channel with Beijing."
    The WSJ also goes into a 2003 case where Huawei for the first time had to fight a major international allegation of IP theft, when Cisco Systems accused Huawei of copying its software and manuals, with Cisco Systems stating at the time in the lawsuit that Huawei "made verbatim copies of whole portions of Cisco’s user manuals", with some of Huawei's copied manuals containing the exact same typos from Cisco's manuals and since the copying was so extensive, Huawei inadvertently copied bugs in Cisco’s software, according to the lawsuit.
    Furthermore, the article goes on and documents cases where Huawei would send HR personnel in Sweden to local bars with stacks of money to buy rounds of drinks for Erickson engineers that were laid off.
    The WSJ also details a number of cases where Huawei's competitors noticed something amiss with Huawei's actions, and wanted to go after Huawei in court over the matter, but decided against it to avoid making the Chinese government upset:
    Another case that the WSJ went into was the case with Motorola, which accused Huawei in 2010 in a lawsuit of stealing Motorola’s technology:
    A story with a Canadian connection with Huawei also appears in the article:
    Another allegation of unethical behaviour regarding trying to gain access to networking gear from competitors as well:
    On the phone front, the WSJ also notes a case where Huawei was accused of stealing patents for a camera attachment for a cellphone from an inventor:
    Also a case of Huawei stealing music from creators:
    The T-Mobile case regarding the robot is also mentioned.
    There's also a number of other cases mentioned, such as allegations of theft of solid-state memory technology to trying to sneak into industry conferences where Huawei wasn't invited.
    In all, a good overview of the situation with Huawei.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Spotty in Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?   
    Why is it ridiculous? AMD are being assholes when it comes to naming schemes. Look at the X399 chipset for Threadripper (copying Intel's HEDT chipset naming scheme trend of X79, X99, X299), mid range consumer B350/B450 chipset (copying Intels naming scheme trend of B150, B250 chipsets). That has caused issue for Intel who had to change to B360 naming scheme to avoid customer confusion. They even did the same thing with the Ryzen 3, 5, 7, and 9 CPUs (copying Intel's i3, i5, i7, i9).

    Then there are rumours that AMD will be naming their new graphics cards the RX 3080/RX3070 copying Nvidia's RTX2080/RTX2070/etc scheme? Yeah, of course Nvidia is going to do what they can to protect against that.

    If Burger King released the "Bigger Mac" burger don't you think McDonalds would take action? The "Happier Meal"?
    What if Kia released a sports sedan called the M3?

    AMD are being petty. The only reason they are naming their product in that way are to steal the names used by the competition, either to cause issues for the competition or to confuse customers (probably both). There will probably be some consumers browsing newegg or amazon who may not know a lot about computers who will think "Oh, the RX 3080 is a bigger number than the RTX 2080, that must mean it's newer and better".
    AMD need to just stick to their own naming scheme and worry about competing in terms of performance, not pulling stupid stunts like stealing competitors naming schemes.
    Just call it the RX 600 series and follow the RX naming scheme from RX 200, RX 300, RX 400, RX 500.

    Then again we thought the new RTX2080 was going to be called the GTX1180 until a few weeks before it launched, so who really knows. Let's wait and see if AMD gives an official announcement of the Navi GPU line up at Computex in a few days.
  10. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to VegetableStu in Nvidia says 'something super is coming', any guesses?   
  11. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to emosun in Twitch Streamers Paid up to 50k USD per hour by publishers for new games   
    You mean they aren't just playing No Mans Sky out of the goodness of their heart?
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    LambdaSystems reacted to minibois in Zombieload Saga - New Intel Architecture security flaws, worse than Spectre/Meltdown   
    Oh no, this has been predicted!

    Source: https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/554361-lukesavenije/?status=230824&type=status Thanks @LukeSavenije
    I hope these issues aren't going to turn out too big, or at least be able to be fixed with software (that doesn't lower the performance much), otherwise Intel will be somewhat screwed..
    Or it turns out AMD also has these issues and it's evenly bad for both parties.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to kelvinhall05 in Time Travel Tuesday!   
    >time travel tuesday
    >it's saturday
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    LambdaSystems reacted to VegetableStu in Intel 7nm in 2021   
    they sure overdressed the heck out of the sentence ._. i could almost see the business suit
  15. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to Bouzoo in Intel 7nm in 2021   
    "World class packaging technology complements process leadership"
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Delicieuxz in Microsoft continues to back off of UWP programs, Win32 re-"elevated to full status"   
    I think some of Microsoft's bad plans, of which there were many around the launch of Windows 10, have simply failed for long enough that there's no point in MS continuing to exert their energy with them. I don't think Microsoft has run out of stupid ideas, though.
  17. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to LAwLz in Software Engineers Don't Know Hardware and Vice Versa   
    I always find it funny that people on this forum seems to think that you are knowledgeable about hardware if you have memorized things you can read on the back of packaging for consumer electronics.
    Like "yeah I know hardware, because I have memorized the frequency and model number of a bunch of AMD processors".
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Jurrunio in Why you shouldn't water cool your PC   
    AMD has the bigger die ever since Nvidia gets the efficiency advantage. I think it's Kepler on low end and mid range cards, Maxwell on all cards.
    Raijintek Morpheus ii is not impressed
    Problem is they called it "why you shouldnt water cool your PC", challenging the concept of using liquid rather than the air for high heat output situations. For LMG's size I would have wanted at least 5 flagship models from both sides before they use names like that, but since they didnt I would expect them to use the best from both sides. But no, it's a mediocre AIO versus one of the most competitve air cooler. You can't just say "women run faster than men" by comparing a fat guy who never does any sport versus a female athelete right?
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Sauron in iMore's reply to Linus on why macs are slower than PCs   
    Yes, but you can buy a core i9 PC that isn't similarly designed and doesn't have this problem. You can't buy a core i9 macbook that doesn't have this problem.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to huilun02 in iMore's reply to Linus on why macs are slower than PCs   
    Looks like just another Apple fan using the subjectivity argument to try and disprove a statement that has nothing to do with subjectivity.
    Doesnt seem like news to me
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Trik'Stari in iMore's reply to Linus on why macs are slower than PCs   
    Watch enough repair videos and you'll realize that Mac's are absolutely poorly designed in regards to thermal performance.
    Their response is exactly the deluded and uneducated type of dribble I would expect.
    1. Shrinking the die, as far as I am aware, reduces power consumption and ups efficiency.
    2. Shrinking the die does not mean you have to cram more cores in there, to compensate. Because you haven't lost anything.
    Really? You mean like that time they made a system that ran so hot, the BGA melted itself and popped the GPU off the board? And their fix?
    Put a piece of rubber between the outer case and the GPU, so that it wouldn't pop loose. Edit: Instead of doing a proper soldering job in the fucking first place.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Sauron in Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla   
    It's also worth noting that even if you are 100% focused on the road you may not be able to prevent an accident caused by the autopilot. Suppose the car is driving at 130km/h on a highway - if it suddenly swerved into the barrier or into another car the human driver wouldn't have the time to react appropriately.
  23. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to Sychic in Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla   
    Might be a poor joke but...

    Look Ma, No hands!
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    LambdaSystems reacted to YaBoiWill in Right to Repair bill killed in Canada after tech giants lobbied hard against it   
    So, I can service my car, and could get it completely wrong and be a complete liability to everyone else on the road
    Or I can rig a 50kg light poorly, so that it could fall on a person or two and kill them
    But opening my phone? don't be ridiculous that could harm me.
  25. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to AlexOak in Samsung Introduce "vertical" TV   
    It really was $1,600 and not $16,000. 
    Samsung announces Tv that both horizontal and vertical, come with Samsung Bixby.  Releasing next month in Korea. 
    News Sources: