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    LambdaSystems reacted to Delicieuxz in Steam distribution policy prohibits Epic Games / Tim Sweeney from exclusivizing any Steam-marketed games   
    Valve have updated [correction: the clause has existed for a long time - see bottom of this post for more information] their Steam Distribution Agreement terms to prevent Epic Games or another company from exploiting Steam's userbase and storefront by advertising and building popularity for an upcoming game on Steam and then forming an exclusivity deal that restricts the game to another platform while not delivering the game to Steam's users.
    The new stipulation in the Steam Distribution Agreement requires that products for which a publisher has created a Steam store page must be released on Steam no later than they are released on other PC platforms. Valve's new policy also mandates that any patches for Steam versions of games receive are delivered to Steam no later than they are to other PC platforms.

    This is potentially not the first move Valve have made to stymie Epic Games' poaching of games already marketed on Steam. In late November of 2018, just one week before Epic Games announced their own store for 3rd-party games, Valve lowered their store fees, possibly out of having a forewarning that EGS was about to offer a much lower store/game publisher revenue-split. However, EGS' store fee isn't necessarily lower than Valve's after all the details are factored in.
    I believe this is a very good move by Valve and one that serves the interest of not only Valve but also gamers who don't want their interest in an upcoming game abused by having it plucked into exclusivity by EGS after Tim Sweeney notices it's becoming popular on Steam, or who just don't want to see the anti-consumer practice of exclusives, period.
    More information about Tim Sweeney's flip-flopping attitude towards exclusives, walled-gardens, and competition / anti-competition practices are provided in this blog post:
    -------------------- updated information --------------------
    It is now reported that the clause recently brought up has existed in the terms of Valve's Steam Distribution Agreement since at least 2017. This raises the question of why has Valve not acted on violations of it by the publishers of Metro Exodus, Shenmue III, The Outer Worlds, and others?

    The clause has been in the Steam Distribution Agreement since at least 2017. The SDA refers to whoever agrees to it (and anyone publishing on Steam must first agree to it) as a "signee" to the agreement which is between "Valve Corporation" and "[Company Legal Name]", indicating that the agreement is a serious, binding contract. The SDA says it becomes effective upon the date that it is agreed to, which will always be before any Steam store page is created for a game.
    This means that Valve had the authority and right to stop and prevent EGS' game of paid-for exclusives regarding so many anticipated big titles all along, but didn't. Valve should be able to sue, for breach of contract and damages, the publishers who have advertised their games on Steam only to later make their games exclusive to EGS.
    To not enforce that policy isn't just allowing the unjust exploitation of Steam and leaving unanswered the abuse of Steam users who are building popularity on Steam for games that ultimately get poached by EGS leaving those Steam users disappointed, but it is also weakening the credibility and authority of the Steam Distribution Agreement by suggesting that it can apparently be flaunted through violations without there being any repercussions for doing so.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to spartaman64 in researcher publishes second steam 0 day, valve doesn't care   
    source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/researcher-publishes-second-steam-zero-day-after-getting-banned-on-valves-bug-bounty-program/
    tl;dr: valve doesn't care about security flaws their steam client causes as long as it doesn't help in an initial break in.
    This is like saying as long as something can't help in starting a fire its not a fire hazard. Maybe OSHA should go investigate valve's offices if this is how they view things. Combating viruses isn't just about preventing them from getting in but also limiting what they can do when they do get in. Just like fire hazards are not just stuff that can cause a fire to break out but also what might contribute to the fire getting worse or preventing people from escaping the building. It feels like over the years valve is becoming more and more lazy and complacent and I guess that's what happens when you become essentially a monopoly. As much as I don't like some of epic's philosophy this changed my mind about them a little and showed me that we need them to compete with steam. 
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    LambdaSystems reacted to emosun in researcher publishes second steam 0 day, valve doesn't care   
    wait a minute.... you're saying valve are a bunch self absorbed buttheads that only care about money?

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    LambdaSystems reacted to 5x5 in Intel wants reviewers to benchmark using windows media player instead of cinebench for low end mobile   
    Also, deb8uer is not happy that Intel are using his videos in a misleading way.
  5. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to For Science! in Intel wants reviewers to benchmark using windows media player instead of cinebench for low end mobile   
    I'm more concerned about the 0.22% running cinema4D on their tablets.....
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    LambdaSystems reacted to valdyrgramr in Intel wants reviewers to benchmark using windows media player instead of cinebench for low end mobile   
    They should bench minesweeper instead of crysis.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Humbug in DerBauer hardware survey highlights issues with max boost clock on Ryzen 3000 "It's worse than I thought"   
    AMD should have just advertised the clockspeeds as 100Mhz lower. People are happy with the performance which is what matters.
    What is the point of this? Do they think that they will lose sales because some people don't unerstand that clockspeed is only one factor in performance.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to imreloadin in Parents Don't Like Phones At Schools   
    Also parents: "What do you mean you can't just put little Billy on the phone? I really need to get him this message...ughhh this was so much easier when they just had cell phones!"
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Darq dev offers to donate all revenue from epic games store to charity if they are allowed to release nonexclusively   
    I don't understand why Epic wants to have exclusivity clauses outside of:
    Having all of the pie Having a pissing contest with Valve If they wanted a game to succeed, an exclusivity clause comes last in mind.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to yolosnail in Spotify fails to properly licence Eminem.   
    Something seems a bit fishy here like.
    Eminem's music (if we can call it that, sorry not sorry) has been on Spotify for years and the label are only just realising that they never had the proper license?
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Taf the Ghost in "Five Eyes" issue statement against end-to-end encryption, demand backdoors   
    First there is the Double Speak aspect to it, but the reality is that they're saying the talking points they've been given. The undercurrent, and this is what it's actually all about, is a rather important historical reality: the American Revolution was functionally about 10 Men for most of the early going. A lot of sympathizers, but it was practically on the back of Paul Revere for a while there. While baseline monitoring (see China's Social Credit System) is important for Power & Control, it's really about preventing anyone from actually challenging the current power structures.
    From a historical perspective, the governments of most Major Powers are extremely weak. The rise of "professional" politicians and large, career-type government employees has created a situation where the leadership are becoming exceedingly imperial against their own populations. You see this reflected in the Brexit situation in the UK. Regardless of the merits of the choice, the voting public rendered one, but the most adamant anti-Brexit forces is the MPs that have to implement it. (Because they won't get invited to dinner parties in Paris.) 
    As a result, the current power structures are in need of every bit of data they can gather on people. Governments fall to Network Effects, which is what they're really after. They want to be able to isolate groups long before they could seek redress of their grievances. Being obsessed with Internal Enemies is a sign of impending collapse of a "regime", even if it could be decades before it happens. That's what this is all about.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to RejZoR in Team Group: Watercooled M.2 SSD - Cardea Liquid   
    10°C lower temps compared to no heatsink. I'm failry certain a well designed aluminium heatsink would provide same cooling capacity.
    This seems the same gimmick as "WATER COOLING" in smartphones. When you open it, it's just a heatpipe we had in PC's for almost 2 decades...
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    LambdaSystems reacted to handymanshandle in Asus: Our competitors sucks!!!   
    I know it's for legal reasons, but even still, would any reasonable court be fooled?
    Oh, who am I kidding, American courts aren't reasonable.
  14. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to handymanshandle in Asus: Our competitors sucks!!!   
    I love the removal of a couple of letters from MSI and Gigabyte as if anyone would be fooled by it
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    LambdaSystems reacted to handymanshandle in Is Linus unaware of what content type works?   
    Go complain about target viewing somewhere else.
    Some people genuinely enjoy the quirkier or less popular things. I, for one, really enjoyed the minivans Doug DeMuro reviewed, even if a lot of you couldn't give a shit.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to spartaman64 in Is Linus unaware of what content type works?   
    its not about buying bmws its about autonomous driving 
  17. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to Arika S in AdoredTV will no longer do analysis videos for free.   
    oooh noooooo.........where will i get all my misinformation now?
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    LambdaSystems got a reaction from GimmeGaming in x570 Chipset Waterblock   
    The asrock aqua looks cool but getting one might be tricky since they only make 999 of them.

    The only passive 570 MB I've seen is the aouros extreme, but it seems to be about as expensive as the aqua.
    The fact that ASUS put a block on the VRM but not on the chipset on the Formula seems so dumb, loses a bit of the point to have a fan on a water cooling focused MB.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in Navi/Ryzen 3000 launch Megathread   
    @LukeSavenije Wendell dropped another one focusing on Zen2 + Linux
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    LambdaSystems reacted to pzspah in Nvidia Super Card Reviews   
    Might get a 2080s depending on local pricing, want slightly more eyecandy in my favourite games.

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    LambdaSystems reacted to leadeater in RTX SUPER reviewer's guide leaked; Amazon unleashes preorders [Update: Amazon listings down]   
    Go on SUPER one more time, I dare you ?
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Ashley xD in Valve going to end official support for Ubuntu starting from 19.10   
    the problem here is that 64-bit OS's are backwards compatible with 32-bit apps. that's why for example you can still play half life on a modern machine. 
    64-bit apps have also been designed with this in mind and many use 32-bit components and at least on Linux shared libraries and dependencies that come from the 32-bit repo's. 
    by killing 32-bit Ubuntu have also broken all of those programs, including old games and pretty much the entirety of Wine. 
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Nowak in Cyberpunk's creator slams critics who claim Cyberpunk 2077 is racist / inaccurate to the source, refutes their claims   
    Let's move away from the identity politics bullshit for a moment and look at some actually politically-charged games.
    Fallout: Delivers a warning message about nuclear war, tensions between nations, capitalism and nuclear power in general Bioshock: Literally criticism of libertarianism Bioshock Infinite: Literally criticism of American exceptionalism Metal Gear: Nation-states abuse soldiers, soldiers are being dehumanized and reduced to mere fighting machines, war leads to suffering not just for soldiers but civilians caught in the crossfire, America is a warmongering nation, the Cold War was a tough time not just for Americans but Soviets as well, so on and so forth... Final Fantasy VII: You start out in an eco-terrorist organization, a corporate president is the big bad for the first ~8 hours of the game, the game contains heavy messages about environmentalism and anti-capitalism throughout the entire adventure, corporations hold more power over the people than politicians... Final Fantasy XII: Anti-imperialism is a central theme of the game Grand Theft Auto: Heavily satirizes American life and politics, V in particular features three protagonists who turn to a life of crime because they were fucked over by the American government for a variety of reasons Stardew Valley: Straight-up criticism of capitalism Mother 3: Also contains anti-capitalist messaging Doom: Corporations would literally exploit Hell if it meant making more of a profit. Eternal expands this to "corporations don't understand the causes they support". LA Noire: America's police force is corrupt as hell and we'll demonstrate this to you by pairing you with the worst the Los Angeles Police Department has to offer Kingdom Come: Deliverance: A power struggle in the historic Kingdom of Bohemia is a central plot point of the game  
    But please, do tell me about how the only political things in games ever are about peoples' identities.
    Side note: Mike Pondsmith actually isn't the creator of cyberpunk. That would be William Gibson.
  24. Agree
    LambdaSystems reacted to Derangel in Cyberpunk's creator slams critics who claim Cyberpunk 2077 is racist / inaccurate to the source, refutes their claims   
    It's not a "supposed" majority. They are the fucking works that DEFINED and CREATED the genre. You can't say that the very media that creates a genre do not matter to what that genre is.
  25. Agree
    LambdaSystems reacted to melete in Cyberpunk's creator slams critics who claim Cyberpunk 2077 is racist / inaccurate to the source, refutes their claims   
    It’s literally in the name here. It’s punk. The genre is extremely political. Cyberpunk works have a lot to say about topics like capitalism, corporatism, consumerism, political authority, violence and the legitimate use of force, socioeconomic class, oppression and rebellion, and more topics than I can possibly mention here. 
    Cyberpunk 2020 is no exception. Have you ever read through Mike Pondsmith’s rulebook for the game?