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  1. You mean the laptop itself?
  2. Onboard, directly into the laptop
  3. Hello! I have this weird issue where i hear a beeping noice in my headset whenever i turn on the RGB ( any effect ) on my Steelseries Apex M800 keyboard The weird or interesting thing, depending how you look at it. Is that the volume of the beeping changes with the brightness of the colors on the keyboard. So a bright white will produce a much louder noice compared to a dark purple, and when i completely turn all colors off the beeping goes away. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!
  4. Oh sorry. I thought i send a message earlier but i guess not. I missed one small cable when unplugging the USB hub, but the problem seems to have gone away after i removed that last cable. So its probably something with that USB hub. I never use it though so having it disconnected isn't an issue and i will probably be getting a new PC in the near future anyways. Thank you so much for the quick replies really appreciate the help!
  5. Okay, i tried unplugging the USB thing at the top of my case but i am still being spammed with the error message and connect/reconnect sound
  6. Oh, I don't have one at the front. But i do have a little USB hub thing at the top of my case. I haven't used it in super long i forgot if it broke or if i just don't use it. Anyway it's super late here right now. Will get back to you tomorrow after i've tried disconnecting it.
  7. Hmm those are the power LED and all those right? If so No i have not. All of them work though so i don't think that would be the issue?
  8. Yeah sorry, i forgot to mention that i have tried unplugging everything one at a time to see if i could figure out if it was one of my cables or devices that broken. But the error is still there with nothing plugged in.
  9. Hello! Decided to clean my room today, unplugged my PC so i could clean behind it. At the end of the day when i was done cleaning i plugged it back in but now i get constantly spammed with the error showed in the picture. As well as the sound of a device being connected and disconnected. All of my devices work as intended still so i'm not sure what is causing the issue. I have tried multiple suggestions people posted online for example, update drivers, re install drivers, turning off the "Let this pc turn off this device to save power" in the device manager thing. I have tried everything. So if any of you know a fix to this. Or possibly how to somehow mute the error that would be awesome, because like i said before. All of my devices work as intended but getting spammed by this error every 2 second for seemingly no reason at all is very frustrating. And i can't really focus on doing anything at all on my computer right now. Edit: Noticed that i sometimes get the "safely remove hardware and eject media" Button whenever the connect/disconnect sound plays. Also when i try to troubleshoot the device i get the information shown in the picture.
  10. It was currently set to 20 minutes so this makes sense. Thank you!!
  11. Its in Swedish, but it says everything is perfect. No warnings or anything. Update: Did a "fast selftest" too and it found no problems.
  12. Hello. Whenever i start a program/game my PC freezes up and my hardrive starts making sounds. it sounds like its starts spinning really fast. and after a few seconds i hear a pretty loud click and then everything starts up normally and works. Sometimes this also happens when my game has been idle for awhile, and when i come back and move the mouse or something, it sounds like the hard drive starts spinning really fast and makes that click sound. So, i'm wondering if this is my hard drive dying. Or if this is a normal thing in older hard drives.
  13. Update: The old harddrive worked but had very very slow writing speeds. or it was just dying, it was at 99-100% at only about 0.2MB/s Ended up getting a 120 GB SSD to keep windows on and use my other working drive as storage. I learnt how to create a windows install thingy on a USB so i got windows working on the SSD working after a few tries. And after plugging the other harddrive back in i found all my stuff there still Working. Thanks everyone who helped out!
  14. I know that they are in the D drive, as i choose to save them there. I also edit alot of the files and i go in the D drive to find them Anyways, thank you so much for answearing all my questions, i really appreciate it! I feel so much more confident about this now. Hopefully it works out.
  15. So, just to be clear, if i unplug both my drives, then plug in the older one with win 7 then my pc should boot right? If i then upgrade to win 10 and plug my D drive in, all my files should work right? I just need to install all drivers and stuff again that were on my C drive. I assume programs i have on the D drive will need a reinstall, all i really care about is all the hours of work in my game saves, and other projects