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  1. Problem solved by doing a clean install of W10.
  2. @Belas What happens when you do a benchmark with 3DMark or Heaven?
  3. @Belas Yes, I saw your post I don't know what is happening and how to troubleshoot this. Don't know if it is hardware related or software..
  4. @Himommies and @glenalz81 I tried Gears 5, before I was getting 140 fps on ultra now I am getting 80 fps and during gameplay it goes down to 60fps
  5. Hello All, I've a RTX 2080ti paired with a R7 3700X. I'm playing on W10 with a 144 Hz panel at 2k resolution. Few days ago I started to see some problems with GPU usage only in games (it always stays at 60%). However, when I test the GPU with 3DMark I get 99% of usage. The only thing that I changed was MSI afterburner which I updated from beta 2 to beta 3. I've uninstalled the drivers with DDU and also the MSI afterburner (reverting it back to beta 2). Despite all my efforts I'm still getting low GPU usage when playing the same games I played before where I usually got 95+%. I don't know what to do next
  6. @Skiiwee29 It is already connected there. It looks like that the highest power is 2500 rpm (according to this article)
  7. @Skiiwee29 I am using the X370 GAMING M7 ACK. How do I check the proper header? The max that I can put the pump is at 2400 rpm.
  8. Maybe the pump is not that great unfortunately
  9. @Skiiwee29 The pump is already at max speed in the BIOS. It is set to 2400 rpm, so I think it is already at max. speed.
  10. I tried to adjust the loop in the lower point near the pump and the OC is stable at 2025 MHz (core) with 0.943 mV. Now I am getting 61 ºC under full load for 45 minutes. Not the best but it looks a bit better.
  11. @Skiiwee29 Yes, I also have the same suspection and it is still on warranty (4 years), I don't want to open it since I am not experienced enough
  12. @WereCat I did some further testing and If I undervolt the card to 900 mV at core clock of 1960 MHz I usually get temperatures that stabilize between 58ºC to 62ºC under almost full load during 1 hour. Maybe the OC that I was using was too high for the 240 mm radiator? Also, It is not possible to see on the pic above but, the flexible tubing that connects the pump to the reservoir is deformed and consequently tighter near the junction point. Because of this, the flow may be lower on the system which results on lower cooling efficiency?
  13. @WereCat no, its on the left side (attached to this message).
  14. Thank you all for the feedback well I see some people claiming that their watercooled 2080ti cards never go above 50 ºC under full load I don't know if they are real or not The case is the TermalTake View 37. I have 2 intake fans on the front and a exhaust fan on the back of the case. The fans of the radiator are at 1500 rpm I can post some pics of the build. Yes, It starts at 2050-2070 and then it downclocks at every ~7ºC until it goes down to 1995-2010 Mhz when it reaches the 75+ºC.
  15. Hello all, I need some help with my system since I am getting abnormal temperatures for a watercooled system. The only thing that I've in the loop the is GPU. My card is the Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce with a custom loop containing the following parts: Radiator: 240 mm radiator Alphacool ST30 Pump: EK-XTOP SPC-60 PWM - Plex Fans: 2x120 mm Noctua fans Reservoir: EK-RES X3 150 If I do a normal overclock like the air-cooled cards (2050 MHz core clock) I get to 80ºC (176 ºF) with only 45 minutes of full GPU usage. I don’t know where to start to troubleshoot this. I know that it is important to measure the coolant temperature but I don't have the proper probe right know. However, I tried to measure the temps with a simple thermometer and all I know is that the coolant was atleast well above the 43 ºC (109.4 ºF). Thank you in advance.