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    Microsoft Surface alternatives

    I just looked into some of them and they seem promissing. What do you mean with no touch model but pen support? So i can only use "touch with the pen"? @Netivity: Yea but it is still quite expensive. As far as i know the 64gb version is garbage because of the super slow storage and type cover + pen are ~100€ each. Thats a total of 700€ again
  2. Hello everyone, I'm on the hunt for a Windows Laptop/Tablet that I can use with a pen to take notes aswell as light CAD and Matlab workloads. Two of my friends use Surface Tablets (will update modell tomorrow) and they are pretty happy with it but I can't/don't want to pay >800€ to take notes. Do you have some alternative options arround 500€ or maybe a good source for refurbished device in Europe (Germany/Austria). Any help would be appreciated.