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    Executive IT and AV Support for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


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    Ryzen 9 3950x
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    MSI X570 WiFi
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    64GB G.Skill 3600 DDR4
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    ROG STRIX 11GB 1080 Ti
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    Corsair 680x RGB
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    5x Samsung 840 Pro 500GB
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    2x Seagate 7200RPM 2TB
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    Corsair RMX 1000i
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    ASUS G-Sync PG278Q
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    Corsair 380mm H150i
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    Too many to list
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    Current: G Pro Wireless
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    Razer Soundbar, and Astro A40 Gen 4
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    Windows 10
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    Lenovo T470s

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  1. Wow! In all my years of working with computers I have only had ONE CPU die. You would almost never think to check. Glad you got it worked out man. Sorry I couldn't help!
  2. Did you also do a bios update? That usually expands compatibility
  3. From GN: WD Blue Best Uses (Everyday computing, mainstream) WD Black Best Uses (Gaming, creative professionals, power users) WD Red Best Uses (Network Attached Storage) WD Purple Best Uses (Surveillance, DVR, NVR) WD Green SSD (Entry-level) WD Blue SSD (Mainstream) WD Black SSD (High-performance) Full article here! https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2796-wd-blue-vs-black-vs-red-in-2017
  4. Just popping back in to see if you were able to figure this out?
  5. I mean, if you're looking for a cinematic experience getting a low reponse time 60-120FPS may be the way to go. If you're looking for a competitive advantage, that's when you get 144+
  6. SOL, unless you hook up a USB hub for mouse/keyboard support. (Android Only)
  7. Yes. This is normal. High-refresh monitors are aimed at responsiveness. Not at color accuracy or vividness. Sometimes you can compromise by spending more money, but the results are relatively the same. My 700 dollar ASUS PG278Q has light bleed and color banding issues, but it is the most responsive monitor I've ever owned by a long margin. In order to combat this a little, I made contrast and brightness adjustments, and go the proper color profile from https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/icc_profiles.htm. Hopefully your monitor is there. Hope this helps.
  8. @darkknight302 is yours the full tower or the mid? I can't tell. Thanks again!
  9. Everyone seems to say the O11 is the way to go. I have just always loved Corsair Cases. I think I am past the return period, so I'll have to just deal for now, or get a 280mm rad setup and put it on top. I'll change my bottom fans to be an intake to get some cooler air to the CPU. But thank you @darkknight302. This was super helpful
  10. Wait. Hold up. I'm confused again. Can you hop in the LTT discord or shoot me a message on discord? EndoliteMatrix#0001
  11. Let me take a look at the board schematics, and i'll reply with a screenshot. 1 moment.
  12. I think the whole purpose is because they are in a controlled environ from the start. I get what you're saying though, wholly. However, the intention of the AIO is to be a one stop shop. Nothing will compete with a custom loop.
  13. So, if I am understanding correctly. AIO PWM should go directly to the CPU Fan headers on MOBO Tail of Hub should go to any fan header on MOBO. Either Chassis fan or CPU Pump. I recommend chassis.
  14. Also, you are missing a screw on your AIO heatsink. I would make sure to get that put on! you don't want to mess up the thermal conductivity.
  15. Indeed. This is why I recommended OP contact Corsair. I'm not sure on the particulars of cracking the environ on an AIO.