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    Merchant Navy


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z97-A
  • RAM
    24GB Crucial 1866 Ballistix
  • GPU
    Sapphire Pure RX580 x2
  • Case
    Grandia GD08
  • Storage
    Samsung Evo 860 250GB, Samsung M.2 P951 512GB. Toshiba 4TB HDD, Seagate 3TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000x
  • Display(s)
    65" Samsung NU8070
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly v2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. ThatScottishguy

    980ti in a budget build

    Hey, in a few yrs time it might be THE sweet point cheap card...hahaha
  2. ThatScottishguy

    980ti in a budget build

    Do not cheap out on power.....it is a false economy. CX650 is about $48. It'll also give you a bit of headroom
  3. ThatScottishguy

    $500ish Budget build gtx1660 (Changes made)

    miss type... 2x16 packages but actually 4x8GB sticks...sorry https://www.amazon.co.uk/Viper-3000MHz-Performance-Memory-Module/dp/B07KXMWHBY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=patriot%2BViper%2BSteel&qid=1553616947&s=computers&sr=1-1-catcorr&th=1 currently showing O.O.S but I got mine today and they were noly out of stock for 4 days last time. As you can see, it was a deal but the same deal has been live 4 times now and all have been real.
  4. ThatScottishguy

    Building a pc

    Patriot Viper Steel Series 2 x 8GB DDR4 3200 £65 on Amazon. Currently OOS but I just got mine delivered after it being previously OOS....for 4 days. All the savings will allow a better card etc
  5. ThatScottishguy

    Building a pc

    https://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+products/ASUS+PRIME+B450-PLUS+Motherboard+%2B+AMD+Ryzen+5+2600X+CPU+with+Wraith+Spire+Cooler+Bundle+?productId=70153 ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS Motherboard + AMD Ryzen 5 2600X CPU with Wraith Spire Cooler Bundle £246
  6. ThatScottishguy

    $500ish Budget build gtx1660 (Changes made)

    I just got got 2x16GB Patriot Viper Steel series 3200 for £65 each ($85 US) and I know Amazon was doing it even better on their USA site.. keep an eye on that as 3200 would help you a little better with Ryzen AND you could use the small saving to bump up to a possibly better card
  7. ThatScottishguy

    Advice like 'Decent enough' not fanbot..please.

    I'm impulsive.....lol. Seen a 2700x for £230 today new with cooler....so so so tempted lol. I will wait for 3 though, I think, and at worst will end up with an even cheaper 2700x I suppose..
  8. ThatScottishguy

    Advice like 'Decent enough' not fanbot..please.

    I find Total Wars latest games scale pretty well with Crossfire....and that is my main reason for the new system...to get as close to ultra as possible..... I have considered selling both and buying a 2060/70 though...
  9. ThatScottishguy

    Advice like 'Decent enough' not fanbot..please.

    I am mostly siding with waiting but wanted to guage peoples thoughts on it... I just know that soon after 3...there will be another 'must wait for' thing after that..hahahaha...the frustration of computers..lol
  10. ThatScottishguy

    Advice like 'Decent enough' not fanbot..please.

    I buy the best I can get with the funds I have...I think £60 is ok for a 1000w PSU..lol. The DDR4 arrived today and at £70 per 16gb...that's good value as it will overclock s well.....
  11. ThatScottishguy

    Advice like 'Decent enough' not fanbot..please.

    Ryzen 3 does look tempting...I can get a 2700x and an MSi Tomohawk board for £300.....and have seen a 9600k and Z390 board for the same......
  12. Ok, building a new system but really unsure of which way to go as I'm a gamer but not a 'extreme' one as I only really play Total War games and I am a fan of Value over nth degree improvement...as my costs will see. I'm using some stuff off of my older system like: 2 x RX580 Pulse (£265) Corsair RM1000x PSU (£60 refurb from Corsair) Corsair H100i (£54 refurb from Corsair) New bought and arrived: Samsung 1TB SSD (£106) 32GB Patriot Viper Steel series DDR4 3200 (£139) I use a Samsung 65NU8070 TV to game so won't go above 60Hz and 10bit panel (8000 is 8+2 bit but 8070 is 10 bit) So all thats left is CPU and Motherboard...I'm not team Blue or Red as I have systems with both.. So I'm thinking 8700k, 9600k,2600x,2700x......or should I hold out for Ryzen 3...or should I go i5 8400 as it's been shown to be a surprising bargain...or a 2200G...or the next one...or the next one...or 'what about this'..lol The entire thing is killing me with indecision.
  13. I have 3 Grandia cases as the 2 Q6600 systems are in older GD06 cases... They have masses of space and the removable HDD chassis is actually really handy. I litteraly came acrross Linus doing a review of the 08 case 2 days ago...lol Check it out...hahahaha, so young....
  14. Only fitted the first 3 days ago, removing a HD7970 Twin Fozr III) and the second one 2hrs ago...but it is very very quiet...like almost silent. I'll update on temperatures when I can...maybe a day or 2 and tag you in by reply
  15. The bad ones were under the chassis that holds all the HDD's, BluRay etc..it lifts out of the case seperately but can be a pain in T A.Everything was removed, individually cleaned with an anti static cleaner and replaced. I'm just quite chuffed that I managed to do it.....I'm not the most confident with the possibility of killing my system..hahahaha to be fair...it's actually a great case for what it is.