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  1. Allmykidsareblack

    Thoughts about loonie dropping to $.61 cents

    Ever since I've read the news I've been in a state of shock. 61 cents.
  2. I tried Linux for gaming about 3 weeks ago, let me share you my experience. Installing linux mint onto my old netbook was great for it. It's usable again. Installing linux mint onto my desktop, installing steam and setting everything up was a breeze. Playing games I noticed a decrease in fps. Day 2 my game crashed. Rebooting into linux not possible anymore. Partition is corrupt. Never again linux.
  3. Allmykidsareblack

    Climate change real or hoax?

    I will deny climate change. It is just made up to limit our economy or China would not allowed to be to pollute.
  4. Allmykidsareblack

    USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Rebranding

    Technology that uses two of the current technologies doubled up is not a new technology there for is the reason for the X and I fully support it.
  5. Allmykidsareblack

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    Air con does does not operate like this at all. It uses the high evaporation temperatures and condensing freon to slowly remove the heat & humidity from your house.
  6. Allmykidsareblack

    Cheap SATA to USB 3.0

    It might not be rocket science but I'm sure it's computer science some where
  7. Allmykidsareblack

    have you ever blocked someone on the forum?

    I've had the great fortune of having a blast on the forums so far. The family and are I often have talks about the crazy antics that happen from either Linus or the forums. Great experience all round.
  8. Allmykidsareblack

    Need to fast-charge two devices in my car

    I have always liked Anker products, their cables, chargers, and they even have great Bluetooth devices
  9. Allmykidsareblack

    Biostar STOLE my motherboard!

    You should always be as kind as you can, especially when calling other countries. You don't know what they go though. Imagine you are so rude to China. He reports that to his superior next thing you know the whole support team is being rude back to he next guy from Ohio. Is it so hard to be respectful to someone? My bother used to work in a call center and he was always stressed out, always having a bad day because of the customers. Anyways I thought I'd just pass that on. I hope you think about what I said.
  10. Allmykidsareblack

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Is it okay to mount your ssd like that? we are having a discussion about this right now
  11. Allmykidsareblack

    Linus Replies to Mean Comments

    I'm glad we could come to an agreement tonight Derkoli
  12. Allmykidsareblack

    Linus Replies to Mean Comments

    Everything you are saying is material objects. I can be very cruel to my wife (I would never) and then go out and buy her flowers and a diamond ring, so to you I would be even?
  13. Allmykidsareblack

    Biostar STOLE my motherboard!

    Don't you think its a little inappropriate to call them that? They were just trying to help in my opinion. You most likey had to call China, and please keep in mind how working in China would be.
  14. Allmykidsareblack

    Linus Replies to Mean Comments

    Just because he spends money on his employees you have no idea how it feels to be treated the way he treats his employees. I also wonder if that is even appropriate for a employer to do. It could also mean hush money for sweeping his office antics under the rug.
  15. Allmykidsareblack

    Linus Replies to Mean Comments

    Maybe they need the money to support their family. I also work in a toxic environment quite like this. I can't just up and quit my job.