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  1. Glinch

    What MY School HAS!!

    This all seems very nice, and i believe that school is more than just learning, but i have a hard time justifying this if the money could've gone to more staff, or better teaching facilities. if it's privately funded then awesome!
  2. Glinch

    Are mx browns really that bad?

    No they aren't I like them better than any of the easy to get MX keys.
  3. Glinch

    4k tv that doesn't violate my privacy?

    Don't buy LG then, My fairly new Samsung TV isn't locked out because of lacking internet access.
  4. Glinch

    How to get cheap windows 10 key

    Don't give your money to Microsoft, you pay for Windows 10 just by all the data they're mining from you. Use a key reseller, that's what I've done in the past when I've needed a key for a Microsoft product.
  5. Glinch

    1080p gaming on a 2k 30 inches monitor

    Ok, let's get something straight. By 2K i assume you mean 2560x1440, everyone calls it that and you should too, calling resolutions by a random number and then suffixing a K is dumb and inaccurate. Now that this is out of the way, resolution is resolution and quality won't increase when you get a larger monitor. So if you play on 1920x1080 on a 30" monitor you'll get worse quality than on a 24" monitor, if you play on native resolution it'll be a bit better than playing on a 24" 1920x1080 monitor. The Pixels Per Inch(PPI) on a 30" monitor is 97.91 whereas the PPI on a 30" display is 73.43. A 24" 1920x1080 display is 91.79 PPI for comparison so running the native resolution of 2560x1440 on a 30" monitor will give a slightly better picture. Also your specs should be fine for running 2560x1440 with a resonable framerate.
  6. Glinch

    4k tv that doesn't violate my privacy?

    Don't connect your TV to the internet. Should be simple enough. If you want "smart" features get an Apple TV or Chromecast or something.
  7. Glinch

    should linus go to jail

    Yes, he should. For producing criminally cringeworthy content.
  8. 122315413.PNG

  9. Glinch

    Last (possibly) question on choosing a router

    CLI based configuring isn't as scary as it sounds, I'd still say go with the Cisco but it's also the only enterprise gear I've been sitting with, also It's a super powerful feeling being able to manage your equipment without having to go though ugly GUI's and complicated menu trees.
  10. Glinch

    Server for LAN Center

    Regarding the networking setup needed to make it all run smoothly, you first need to examine what kind of network interface card(NIC) there is in the desktops. If they can run gigabit then yeah you should get one. Also the traffic to the cache server will be higher than the individual clients load, so you might want to explore a 10gig solution from the server to the switch and then spread it out on the network with gigabit.
  11. Glinch

    Just to make sure...

    You will still have to configure it. As @Lurick said, it's equipment made for enterprise solutions and it's expected that IT staff can configure it exactly to the needs of the business it's deployed at. If you're willing to learn Cisco IOS(it honestly isn't that hard) then it's a really powerful router with a lot of smart features.
  12. Glinch

    How do you pronounce Carpenter Brut

    You pronounce the t with the champagne too don't you?
  13. Glinch

    How do you pronounce Carpenter Brut

    Carpenter like the profession and Brut like brute.
  14. Glinch

    Pull fan for my 212 black rgb

    Isn't equal in/out just as good?