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  1. RoseLuck462

    Finals Week

    This might not be too helpful at this point, but some of my profs were willing to let me take the final either early or late. It depends on the relationship or rapport you have with the prof. If you can, go to their office hours just to ask questions even if you don't need the help.
  2. RoseLuck462

    How Fortnite's success lead to intense stress at Epic Games

    One reason why I won't support Fortnite.
  3. RoseLuck462

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    Can any of them beat Faker?
  4. You need to do fresh software installs every so often.
  5. I didn't think you would have trouble, after all XP is the first Windows build to automatically detect and install drivers for things.
  6. RoseLuck462

    Need to wipe an iPhone 8 for legitimate reasons

    Just destroy the phone, the company is already out $6k, whats $800 more?
  7. RoseLuck462

    Tips for building computers with kids

    Linus has vids were he built PCs with his kids.
  8. RoseLuck462

    Retirement Help

    Make sure you get an HSA healthplan and max that out every year.
  9. RoseLuck462

    Did LTT get a Samsung galaxy fold review unit?

    Hopeful he'll get one eventually.
  10. RoseLuck462

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    This is my set up for schoolwork, writing, and digital art! v 27" iMac (Mid-2011) 13" MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) 12.9" iPad Pro (2018) I still use a Windows PC for Gaming though
  11. RoseLuck462

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Btw I want a successful folding phone as well as all my other tablets and computers. As a tech enthusiast, I want it all. Eventually, folding screen tech will be common place.
  12. RoseLuck462

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Samsung Folds
  13. RoseLuck462

    what is your guilty pleasure food?

    Sushi! Love it so much, it's expensive though it's like once a month...
  14. RoseLuck462

    ideas for living on a budget

    That all mostly makes sense, I’ve been there for most of what is described. amazing how much money is saved by something like cutting the cord for cable TV, I only have Comcast for Internet.