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  1. As always I’m playing Shield, the ‘red’ version first v
  2. When the Note 7 came out, I did the Samsung promo for the free 256gb SD card. A week later when I had to return the Note 7 and switched it for the S7 EDGE, I did the promo again and got another 256gb SD card. Don't feel bad about taking advantage of deals like that.
  3. I recently tried the Impossible Burger from BK after watching the South Park ep. It didn’t really taste like much, the lettuce, tomato, and mayo were really the only ingredients that stood out.

    1. RoseLuck462


      The 16" MBP is real, and is a replacement to the 15"...



  4. Of course this doesn’t come with the games so I’ll still have to wait till next week... v
  5. Budget of $1600? Basically pick whatever you want.
  6. I'd assume that orientation would be a lot better for it, structurally speaking. To prevent GPU sag.
  7. I'd take one in silver, I'm a Silver Staker at heart...
  8. I don't like having to scroll down so much...
  9. Pre-ordered the Grey model. Not sure if I want to go with AMD or put a Xeon CPU in it.
  10. The only things on my mind for holiday sales are 1tb SSDs.