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  1. I do consider it like dumb most of the time. It don't make sens for me. This type of stuff when you say "Don't do what I do, do what I say.". Games are nothing to see when theses stutters. Like I said, it's at a system level. I happen even more when I'm just chilling on youtube. ( On LTT : Obviously, where else ? )
  2. Update : I got a good deal for a X570 TUF. I ordered it yesterday, but it's out of stock atm. My ram is tested on it memory QVL list. Yes, X570 is dumb for a R5 3600, period. But honnestly, the price was ok, and I'm just sick and tired of this issue. I'll keep you all updated.
  3. I think you are confusing my first system with my second system. I never change this MB. I only changed my ram and CPU to this system. But I'm not blaming you, I did some weird switch between thoses systems. And I could very well be not that clear to what I've done.
  4. Update : I definitly confirm, my second system isn't affected anymore. I didn't see any weird stutters, and i've used it a lot theses past days. At least, it's only one system, not both. Next update will probably be in 1 or 2 months with my new B550.
  5. Update : B550 were announced for 16th of june by AMD. I will probably wait until then to switch my motherboard. I'm kind of interested because of pcie 4.0 and my use-case.
  6. With adwcleaner ? It seems like a mining malware to me. But could be wrong.
  7. You might find a 6700 / 7700( k sku if you want but then, you can't overclock still because of the B chipset ) used to stay on your plateforme, but for 150€, it's probably a bit short. For ram, unforunatly, here too, your motherboard gonna be a limitation. It wont go faster than 2666. Which is not that of big an upgrade vs. 2400mhz. If you go for Ryzen, then I suggest a good B450 paired with a Ryzen 5 1600AF. ( Which is basically a 2600 ajusted to the orignal 1600's clockspeed. ) Or you add a little more to go for the 3600 which have more IPC and single core performances.
  8. I won't do that. We don't even really know to what node NVIDIA is gonna use. It's bouncing around 10 to 7nm. 7nm is probably my guess. But that's it. We also don't know if NVIDIA is going for TSMC or Samsung. And that can change few things. TLDR : We don't know much. NVIDIA is really good at keeping things secret.
  9. We can't predict it, other than few leaks, here & there. But leaks are the way they are. They are not official, and they're a bit uncertain.
  10. Ah, then, yeah, that make all the difference. It's Zen 2 cores vs Zen + cores : And that's pretty good upgrade. If you need the extra multi-threaded capabilities of the 3700X over the 3600 for any kind of productivity, then, yeah, go for the 3700X. But for gaming, really, the 3600 is more than enough. So my speech is not really changing, it's just that the 3700X gonna do as well as the 3600 in pure gaming, if not a little better because of slight advantages on frenquencies ( mainly ). But this difference is not worth the extra ammount of money if you are just gaming.
  11. Again, not sure for the PSU. Should be fine but I have a small doubt. Might be not super efficient. If @Winnie Pooh is not planning to stream ( NVENC is a killer compared to AMD's offering ), then yeah, the 5700XT can be a good choice. But then he also have to be a little careful with drivers.
  12. I'm sorry, but this is amazing. I don't see that answer very often, and I always "fight" "future proof" builds. That make no sens. So thank you. Higher range < Higher upgrades frequency. All day.
  13. I would suggest a 3600 not X, which is a bit better value. And you could maybe spend the difference in aftermarket coolers now or in a future upgrade. Not sure about PSU, might be a bit tight in wattage. But overall, it's pretty well put together, make sens.