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  1. kaycutty

    3rd monitor not displaying, need help.

    The HP used DP, and it's the Omen that isnt displaying, but when i unplug the Dell it displays.
  2. So i just received my 3rd monitor in the mail it’s a Dell D2719HGF at 144hz using DP. when i started up my pc after plugging it in my other 144hz monitor wouldn’t show a display? (Omen 25 using DP) but my 60hz did (Samsung curved monitor, i don’t remember the exact name using HDMI) all three monitors are plugged into my GTX 1070 ti. can someone help me troubleshoot this issue?? i don’t even know where to begin. Something else to add is that I had an older HP monitor serving as my 3rd monitor about a week ago and it worked fine.
  3. kaycutty

    coolant in the packaging?

    haha! that’s what i though, got a return label on the way rn.
  4. Hey guys! today i just received my first overclockable card (i5 9600k) and AIO cooler (Cooler Master ML240R) i opened up the box to the cooler and there’s green liquid around the CPU block, is this normal is the thing DOA?? absolute beginner to all of this so help would be appreciated!!
  5. kaycutty

    Need help to build PC for friend

    Thank you for the help!
  6. kaycutty

    Need help to build PC for friend

    I don't really have a defined budget. The more i can save the better. and mostly r6 siege, CSGO, COD maybe, various BR's like PUBG, Apex ect. stuff like that is what I assume he'll play the most
  7. I’ve basically entirely rebuilt my current pc and have some hardware left over that i’m wanting to turn into a second build for one of my friends that can’t afford a PC. I need help finding some good budget parts to put into it to complete the build, i’ll list what i currently have and maybe you guys can help from there! Case: just a pretty generic Xidax case that came with my pc when i bought it from them. CPU: Intel i5-8400 RAM: Gskill 8gb 2666 mhz PSU: Corsair 550W bronze rated (i think) gonna throw in some peripherals as well can you guys help me pick out storage, a GPU, and a MOBO?
  8. kaycutty

    CPU upgrade suggestions

    really? well that gives me some piece of mind. what AIO's would you suggest?
  9. kaycutty

    CPU upgrade suggestions

    Thank you for the help!
  10. kaycutty

    CPU upgrade suggestions

    I'd say so, I recently started really getting in to streaming and my CPU loads are getting up 100% on some of the more demanding games, I was thinking the 8700k as well but just wanted a bit of confirmation, any advice on a good cooler?
  11. Looking to upgrade my CPU in the very near future. Currently have an i5-8400, and my MOBO is a MSI Z370 A-PRO. my GPU is a Zotac 1070ti, if that's relevant as well. Currently have a budget of ~$400 for the CPU+Cooler, what would you guys suggest?