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  1. Berevity

    1660 vs RTX for streaming?

    Ok now I just need to be able to afford the 1660 ti lol.
  2. Berevity

    1660 vs RTX for streaming?

    I have been told RTX is way better at encoding for streaming but i havent heard anything about the new 16xx series of GTX cards. Will they have the same encoding hardware or is it worth paying up for the RTX to up stream Quality.
  3. Berevity

    Just got my first SSD... What now?

    @Jay Deah alright i'll go with this method.
  4. Berevity

    Just got my first SSD... What now?

    bindydad i dont know how i will get 500gb worth of video off of my hdd...
  5. Berevity

    Just got my first SSD... What now?

    i've only got 120gb free. if i clean up my hdd ill probably still use over 500gb... Fresh install on my ssc sounds like the best option because i dont wat my video files on it anyway. Im just worried if it will recognise the programmes on my hdd or not. I will give it a go anyway not much to lose.
  6. Berevity

    Just got my first SSD... What now?

    im just going to install windows on it and use it as the boot device. is there any way to make sure that it detects the software on the hdd and is there a way to delete windoes off the harddrive after?
  7. Just got my first ssd and im not really sure what to do. I want to migrate windows onto it of course but not all the software on the computer. it is 120gb and my harddrive is 1tb. I still need my hdd beacuse i do video editing and need to store large files. my plan is to have only windows firefox and a few games on the ssd. How can i go about transfering only windows to the ssd and keeping everything else on the hdd?