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  1. Thanks for the replies all of the slots have a cooling bracket on top so cooling shouldn't be an issue. I'll go for the M2A slot then
  2. Hi, this is my first post here... I've been googleing around for some time now and I dont seem to find an answer to my question... I'm just building a computer, but I've never installed a M.2 drive before. I've purchased the Z390 Auros Ultra and a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, which I want to use as System Drive. It is obviously a PCIe drive, not a SATA drive. However, the motherboard has a M2M slot, M2A slot, and M2P slot, which are illustrated on page 20-21 of the manual: It's not clear to me which of the three slots I should install the Samsung drive in. Considering that I maybe want to install a 3rd graphics card (2 running in SLI already) to serve the 2nd monitor and to take some load of the SLI to have more power for the main gaming monitor I guess I dont want to go for the M2P slot? Are the M2M and M2A slots slower than the M2P slot? And what kinda confuses me is that, assuming Im reading the table correctly, the use of the M2A slot has absolut no effect on the SATA3 ports nor the PCIEX4 lane... which is kinda odd. Can somebody out there tell me if I'm going the right way installing it on the M2A slot? Thanks :)