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  1. So i am looking to build a new PC and i am that old so i do not have a lot of money so i am looking to spend around 500$ for a pre-built PC or just the parts i should i get i already have a 1050 gtx ti 4gb that im looking foward to using for my next computer and i also have a 500gb SSD so im pretty good on that part i dont know how far i can get with 500$ but i wanna run the upcoming games like apex legends, or FPS games or BR games,etc so any help or input would be really appreciative i also might be looking for a laptop or desktop along as i can game and have some fun. Also if yall have any input on a moniter or desk or mouse that wont be included in the 500$ budget feel free to let me know. Thank you for reading and taking time to read and help and have a good day.