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  1. It's open air, it's just a pain to get the drive bay thing out
  2. Just did a test to see the boot order, and I noticed that the screen that lets you enter BIOS doesn't come up until the HDD has fully spun up...
  3. I just assumed it could be a lot faster, spent a decent bit because I thought it'd boot super quick :_p Guess not. I thought sub 10 second boot times were supposed to be common with NVMe drives? Could've just made that up.
  4. Is there a good way for me to check if the bootloader is on my HDD?
  5. I went through all of my autoruns and insured that they were all on the ssd. Using this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns
  6. It's selected, that's the first thing I checked
  7. May I ask how big your largest drive is?
  8. Since my HDD is 8TB I had to have it plugged in at the windows install to format it using the correct file structure or something, otherwise it only showed up at like 2 or 3TB usable for some reason. Would doing a re-install with the HDD unplugged cause the same error where windows only recognizes it at a 2-3TB drive?
  9. I always hear my HDD spin up before I see the boot screen, my boot drive is my NVMe SSD, can I make my system boot without using the HDD / without the HDD spinning up? I'm certain the windows install is on the NVMe SSD. I'm sure this has happened to someone else, if anyone knows a thread with the solution, I'd be very appreciative