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  1. i have tones of progress on a lot of those games and i can't just buy them my dad has been tight and i lost my mom
  2. if anyone wants to help call me on Blackfox66 #4245 or my go fund me is on <Redacted>
  3. idk man I'm just scared like I warn all how goes to this site I was told by these guys that they got gta from <Redacted> and i believed them so i tried it and bam I'm just a dumb kid
  4. yes it was stolen like they changed the password and the email I just need help I do not care about the money
  5. I just got his first graphics card thee 1050 2gig and i got my steam account stolen please help i started a go fund me but anything will help please and if lines read this i love your vids and hopefully i will get help