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  • Birthday 1998-11-18

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    Gaming, Building, Wrenching
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    In the recent months I started watching LTT. I’m a fan of what he does and enjoy the channel they pertain.
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    Railroad Mechanic


  • CPU
    I7 7700k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z270 Carbon
  • RAM
    32gb G. Skill Trident @ 3200mhz
  • GPU
    Zotac 1080Ti Amp!
  • Case
    NZXT H500
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    120gb SSD / / 512 gb SSD
  • PSU
    850w EVGA G3 Supernova
  • Cooling
    H110i AIO / / ML120/140 case fans
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  1. I like that pfp, it's sugoii


    It reminds me of my favorite furry tiktoker ❤️♥️


  2. CoreV

    Vcore Settings

    Yeah, the stock Z270 board settings with XMP. So the voltages have been automatically set to allow for 32gb @3200mhz. If I turn XMP off it actually runs a few degrees cooler. @fasauceome
  3. CoreV

    Vcore Settings

    Almost everything in bios is set in auto. This is a very fresh setup and I’m a noob to all of this stuff. I’m running a H110i AIO. I’m seeing a fluctuation in CS:GO around 69-77°. I have MSI Afterburner setup to monitor when I’m gaming but the temp fluctuates so much I can’t get a solid reading.
  4. Hey guys, looking for some more input here. Got a MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon MB and a I7 7700k to use. I’m very new to OC and the works of PC gaming. I’m looking to undervolt a little bit to drop sime heat output. The vcore is currently set on auto and varies upon idle and load. Idle vcore is looking to be about .68v and about 31°c which is fairly warm for an idle. Under load with the auto setting it boosts the vcore to a decent 1.28v. Under this load in P95, I’m seeing temps around 80°c if not a little more due to fluctuations. I’m looking to stabilize these settings however possible. I’m not much of a geek when it comes to OC settings so any help would be awesome. Thank you!
  5. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    @TahoeDust When I tried to reach your suggested .02v drop, I think I screwed up. Under auto in bios it was reading 1.20v so I entered some numbers to get as close as I could to that as possible. So my mission was to get as close to 1.18v in bios as I could not thinking anything. I ended up with 1.176v in bios so I saved and exited. I checked again and was constantly at 1.76v w/o load. Under load it was at 1.84v. So I did something wrong but managed to drop 20°c lmao. I returned to bios and set it back to auto. PS: I’m new to all this!
  6. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    @TahoeDust How do I manage to perfect that with it on auto? Without load it’s at .8 and under load it’s 1.28. If I change it manually then isn’t it constantly at a certain voltage w/wo load? Or how do I manage that?
  7. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    What’s the verdict @TahoeDust?
  8. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    Here is idle temps this session. I think it all has to do with the lower temp in the cooler this time as it’s a bit cooler in the room from the windy nights.
  9. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    @TahoeDust I got a few pictures this evening and will have to post them separately. Here is under load with Prime95 of course. Small temperature change this time after making those reported adjustments I posted earlier. Core 2 being the hottest for some reason bringing package temp with it. Note!: Maybe the temp difference has to do with the H110i’s temperature difference between this test and last. Last it was 29.4°c and this time 22.1°c.
  10. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    @Allmykidsareblack 50°c under load is not hot at all? I re-seated everything with the different thermal paste and going to get temps when I get home and report back to everyone.
  11. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    Another update. Ceramique applied, cooler block applied, and star pattern used. Also moved the block around a little to ensure it has made its way over the CPU.
  12. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    I applied about a pea sized drop and it expanded about equally.
  13. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    @TahoeDust I pulled the block off to check contact with the processor and it’s fairly even. Going to clean the processor and block up with acetone quick and reapply the Ceramique 2 by Arctic Silver.
  14. CoreV

    I7 7700k Temps!

    @TahoeDustI will run multiple tests in with Prime95 and XTU while monitoring with CPUz.
  15. CoreV

    LTT IOS/Android App

    I wasn’t sure if it has been or not! It would definitely be awesome!