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  1. I'm definitely interested in this and I have a beefy enough computer that I could run a dedicated server if we need it.
  2. The $3 subscription will cover you for everything on there.
  3. I've heard 25ft recommended and that sounds like a good length to make sure you'll be able to access their switches.
  4. Good points for both sides! I guess I just get upset when people go on the record without knowing the facts first. Either way I'm just happy that so many creators are attending!
  5. The only way to get refunds is through DMing Colton
  6. I don't know who this is but he seems like an idiot... of course they can't pay for you and everyone you "care about" to come. They have alot of creators attending. Adding +1's would cost a lot of money.
  7. As long as they aren't VIP when you get to the registration desk they will issue you the wristbands for everyone. If they are BYOC you can transfer them to another person on the dreamhack app/website.
  8. The merch packs are only handed out on site unfortunately. If you PM colton he can get refunds issued for the tickets.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm currently sitting in spot S4 and wanted to get to know some of the people who are also sitting in row S. Shout out your seat number!
  10. You should've received an email when you purchased the tickets that allowed you to link them to a dreamhack account. Go find this email and link the tickets to an account and you should be good to go.
  11. Sorry, I'm coming from Colorado so I won't be going that far south
  12. Hey everyone, I was able to snag a ticket to the 4:45pm office tour. I'm planning on driving up to Canada so I will have my car with me and all three of the back seats are open to anyone who would like a ride to and from the LMG HQ. My car is a 2011 Ford Focus, so they aren't the roomiest seats but hey it's a free ride! Let me know if anyone is interested.
  13. Honestly, I think the farthest they'd be willing to travel would be somewhere in the U.S. (assuming they are going to travel at all). The logistics of crossing seas would make it pretty impossible imo
  14. Driving from Fort Collins, CO gonna be 28hrs one way. Definitely not the furthest miles wise.