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  1. TheSwayzieExpress

    Longest Distance Travelling

    Driving from Fort Collins, CO gonna be 28hrs one way. Definitely not the furthest miles wise.
  2. TheSwayzieExpress

    Questions about traveling to Canada for the weekend.

    If your license has one of those stars in the top right corner it can be used to visit Canada. Otherwise you will need a passport, I'm bringing mine, just in case, cause I already have one. Also if you have a DUI you won't be allowed to visit Canada unless you submit a bunch of paperwork to get an exception.
  3. TheSwayzieExpress

    Security, storage etc.

    From what I've heard the most common stolen items are peripherals like mouse and headset. My rough plan is to bring a bag and a lock that I will hopefully be able to lock to the table keeping my stuff safe while I wander around.
  4. TheSwayzieExpress

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    Good to know! I will also have to check out China Town.
  5. TheSwayzieExpress

    The Fabled Wooden PC Case

    That is a really cool idea! I was planning on doing both custom and more mainstream style cases depending on demand.
  6. TheSwayzieExpress

    The Fabled Wooden PC Case

    I was thinking standoffs because wood is a great insulator and having the mobo sit that close to essentially a blanket would probably cause overheating issues. I'm still playing around with designs but I figured a slight standoff accompanied by a cutout around the back of the CPU would provide adequate airflow.
  7. TheSwayzieExpress

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    Haha I guess with a name like Surrey I should've really how close that was to slurry A few years back I was stationed in Korea and had some of the best Asian food I have ever tasted. Since I'm in a landlocked state (Colorado), I have been dying to get good sushi, Korean, Thai, etc. Basically any kind of Asian food as Colorado is so white it parallels snow.
  8. TheSwayzieExpress

    The Fabled Wooden PC Case

    A little backstory: I'm graduating from college next year and since my girlfriend is finishing her Masters in accountancy and is going to be making significantly more money than me (Forestry) I plan on building a shop and getting all the hardware needed for woodworking (I severely enjoy working with my hands). I plan on mainly making cabinets, hidden storage shelves, stuff like that. I have looked around to see if other wooden PCs are being created and all the attempts have been fairly ugly or are voltas pre-built. I guess my question is if an actual wooden PC case with standoffs, power supply basement, shielding, grounding, integrated glass side panels etc. was available would people be interested? I think wooden PC cases should be a thing so let me know what you guys think.
  9. TheSwayzieExpress

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    I was planning on driving up from the U.S. Thanks for all the information guys! I had no idea it was so sketchy but that's also probably my incorrect mental image of canada being sunshine and rainbows lol Since I am staying in Surrey a few days before the event I planned on exploring the surrounding area (or going to Vancouver) what's the best stuff to do/eat from a locals perspective that won't get me shanked?
  10. TheSwayzieExpress

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    I'm staying in the civic autograph collection marriott in downtown surrey so I think I'll be fine lol
  11. TheSwayzieExpress

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    It's about 40 minutes from the venue with traffic but if you're doing a tour it's close to LMG HQ. We're also staying from the 24th to the 29th so it seemed like a better base of operations to explore the vancouver and surrounding area.
  12. TheSwayzieExpress

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    I'm staying in Surrey because it's significantly cheaper.
  13. TheSwayzieExpress

    Best way to transport gaming pc

    I'm coming from Colorado, so I'm looking at 29 hours but I think it'll be worth it to have a nice monitor and PC there. Also I plan on exploring canada and have planned a longer trip to allow me to see more of Canada. I'd definitely recommend finding a travel buddy, it'll help the drive go faster. Good luck!
  14. TheSwayzieExpress

    What rig will you bring to the LAN party?

    I will be bringing my PC, it is a New Ark 90 case, hopefully I will have completed my custom hardline water cooling loop by then. I7-8086k @ 5ghz Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Aorus ultra gaming wifi op Asus 1080ti turbo 11gb (if I have water cooling it will be overclocked, but the stock fan is garbage) 32gb Trident ZRGB 3200mHz
  15. TheSwayzieExpress

    LTX - BYOC large group

    The seating chart will be released later, once it comes out you will be able to reserve seats next to each other.