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  1. I dont know if its just me, but I feel within the last few decades, the overall care and quality put into computers has gone downhill. If you check out The 8 bit guys video on computers now vs. then, you will easily see how much passion and care was put into products. Of the many laptops I’ve owned, the next one’s quality seemed worst than the last. It seems like engineers work very hard on the internals and dont really care about the user experience (trackpads and keyboards in particular). These very things are essential parts of a computer and its functionality. For instance, I had a Dell who’s trackpad malfunctioned within the first 10 minutes of light use. Then a Lenovo with such umberable keyboard flex it made the entire keyboard unusable. I think its ridiculous that one must spend in excess of 1500 dollars to get a DECENT trackpad and keyboard. Im sure there are exceptions, but I wish that designers and engineers put more thought into how the unit feels and responds rather than comprimise on quality for performance. Overall, I feel as if the balance between quallity and performance is out sinc and needs to be fixed. Leave a comment about your experiences and thoughts.