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  1. Lightning isn't exactly new technology. Its alternative isn't either and it's tried and tested. If Apple wants to release two variants of their product, one with lightning and one with USB-C, I wouldn't get in their way. As it stands they aren't giving consumers a choice which is arguably best for them. This wouldn't be feasible if Apple didn't have a dominant market position that they could abuse. As stated, Apple could conceivably have two different variants. Also there are incentives to adopt new standards and standards are usually developed through a consortium. As it stands thunderbolt is an old, openish standard in a different form factor. Using a standardized form factor stop companies from extending a data or power transmission standard. USB-C supports many different features but many are optional. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_Implementers_Forum
  2. My GF is chinese and wants me to eat durian... I got her at TV very similar to the LG 49UM900PUA. Additional confirmation that Linus/Yvonne are a parallel universe version of myself.
  3. A bit off topic but Mini USB wasn't THAT bad. In some ways I prefer mini USB to micro-USB. Micro-USB is REALLY finicky. The difference between lightning and USB-C isn't very big. If we had a blank slate where no one has any adapters or other devices and individuals had to choose several options: 1. mish-mash of adapters 2. USB-C 3. lightning (with USB-3 support and some other extras it doesn't have) I STRONGLY suspect that option 1 would be universally detested and that there'd be A LOT of indifference between option 2 and 3. Forcing one instransigant company to make a relatively minor change is relatively light touch.
  4. Devices I have using USB-C: headphones laptop battery bank work phone several monitors (I believe this is technically thunderbolt) flash drive trackpad security key Devices I have using Lightning: iPhone (for the sake of trying something different - I think I like android better) Lightning needs to die.
  5. That stopped working at around age 10 for me... yet alone undergrad and grad school.
  6. 1. Remove or add friction to distractions. Change your hosts file, block stuff, etc. 2. Be in a peer group where people have their stuff together. 3. Be well rested, eat well and do at least a little exercise (think 5 minutes of pushups a day) 4. Write a plan listing what resources you have (time, materials, peers, etc.) and how you'd use them well. 5. Compare/contrast what ultimate success looks like and what ultimate failure looks like.
  7. The basic concept's should've been intuitive to an 8th grader taking basic geometry. Knowing identity formulas has near-0 value http://www.sosmath.com/trig/Trig5/trig5/trig5.html I have never needed to reference this. (though the first 3 sections I memorized by the time I was 12) Same applies with this: https://www.shelovesmath.com/calculus/integral-calculus/derivatives-integrals-inverse-trig-functions/ (though knowing that hyperbolic tangent is used widely for activation functions for ML as well as a space shifted version for binomial regression)
  8. Congrats, you've determined that practicing structural engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, etc. need to know* some reasonably sophisticated trig and mechanics. This is something like 1-2% of the population. *not done in practice, likely uses software which does most/all of the work on the backend. Probably useful to know how it works under the hood. The following things (which pay 1.5-10x as much) often don't: software engineers (sans graphics), investment bankers, management consultants, etc. ---- I'm going to stand with "trig isn't THAT useful". There's plenty of stuff in HS math that is VERY useful.
  9. I crunch numbers. I can write sin(x) or cos(x) but there's very very little point to me knowing that c2 = a2 + b2 − 2ab cos(C) or how to integrate transcendentals.
  10. I still don't use trignometric identities... and I haven't had to integrate secant(x)^3 in the real world ever. Algebra, arithmetic, statistics, boolean algebra, linear algebra, etc. I use daily though.
  11. FWIW there's a few other options... Ethernet, MoCA, p2p wireless and powerline.
  12. Most businesses also buy on price:performance. (Price of employee + price of tools)/total_performance If your employee costs $200k a year (median pay at Google and Facebook) [roughly 700-800k over 3 years if you include benefits and taxes], and you can increase their performance by 2% over a 3 year span by spending an extra $2000, then you're spending an extra 1/4th of a percent for a 2% boost. Heck, if employee costs are half that then it still makes sense. These are hypotheticals, but you really need to look at the whole picture.
  13. Typical week: Bicycle 2.5 miles to work and 2.5 miles back each day weight lifting/resistance training every other day on average (usually whenever I feel like it and have time). I usually do "what I feel like" while trying to avoid overtraining or neglecting any one area do cardio (30-60 minutes) every so often (stair climber, exercise bike, treadmill, often switching to minimize injuries) I'm 5'9" and 175lbs for what it's worth. my weight tends to fluctuate by around 15lbs either way. If I'm doing A LOT of cardio my appetite goes crazy and I'll approach 190lbs. If I stop exercising my appetite goes down and I'll end up around 160. I'm technically "overweight". I also have people tell me I'm built without prompting and I've had people ask me for diet/exercise advice. The biggest predictor of "am I exercising" is "do I feel joint/tendon pain?" If my body is giving me a warning, I take a break for a while.
  14. Facebook isn't Google. Also with Facebook there's deactivating it and deleting it. Deleting it is way harder. https://deletefacebook.com/
  15. I know someone who works in privacy and security. Once it's deleted it's out of backups within 2 months. The same data could be in two sections though. With that said, historical aggregated logs are kept. From a "can the government use this against me" perspective - probably not. Each log entry presumably has hundreds or millions of people per group.
  16. "What is an autoencoder?" "How do LTST networks work?" "How does gradient boosting differ from boosting?" These are a bit machine learning oriented but could conceivably be covered during an undergrad CS class. They're pretty basic questions.
  17. Yeah but the guy with a 450Ti would get 0.1% low frame rates in CS:GO. Have to get the BEST GAMING CPU. Fortunately Linus already figured out how to cool this -
  18. myactivity.google.com It's possible to clear just about everything from Google (maybe not easily but...) That can't be said for many others.
  19. For the record... this is a lot of people. The SB6183s I got both of my parents are affected. This'll be fun... no idea if it's automatically patched by the ISP or if I have to do something.
  20. The barrier to entry is a little higher and people are somewhat recognizable. There are pros and cons to this (easier to trust your "buddy") but in theory that should make people a little more restrained when talking outside of their expertise.
  21. Probably a fan controller (assuming your board doesn't do a good job of that). In terms of performance, you don't really need much more, I would leave well enough alone. You can always upgrade later.
  22. To add, more recently credit scoring agencies aggregate similar inquiries within a single period as one. In the past 5 inquiries would've been 5 small knocks. I want to say it usually takes 2 years to fully drop off the record, though I would have to check. The hit to your credit score is small and having more credit and a good, consistent and long standing credit history matters MUCH more.
  23. Don't be afraid to do that with jobs, loans, etc. (as long as you're WELL prepared)