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  1. When I did Japan around 2 years ago with my SO I spent around $2000 USD for 2 weeks, airfare included. AirBnB helped. Also plan out your travel in advance. A lot of people say the JRPass is amazing but I found it to be more expensive than just doing regular trips with each leg planned in advance to avoid overlap. Vending machines + convenience stores are great. Akihabara is nerd heaven. As others stated, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Tokyo are places you'll want to check out. I'd probably place Kyoto and Tokyo the highest on that list.
  2. "640k ought to be enough for anybody" <- it isn't. Is this a distance square relationship? I.e if you're 6x as way you get 1/36th the radiation (more accurately per unit of area)? Also, are there threshold effects i.e. the probability of damage drops like a rock if the radiation is below some threshold (i.e. can't get through a phospholipid bilayer) If there are threshold effects then the result is unlikely to be strictly additive (i.e. 1/36th effect for 36x as long results in the same effect)
  3. It probably isn't profitable. Think of computers as utilities for most people. For the average Joe, a $25-75 refurb is "good enough" after a little upgrading (e.g. RAM) For people who use computers to make money, they'll probably demand newer parts. There isn't much margin. The main exception might be phone repairs but that is its own can of worms.
  4. Punched a hole in a wall, ran 4 ethernet cables. I had my landlord's permission.
  5. For what it's worth, that's A LOT better than people brutalizing each other. Go watch a world history documentary. Humans are pretty brutal.
  6. At some level 8GB is "bare minimum" these days. On top of that when you only have one stick in use, your system is only using one memory channel instead of 2. Going to a dual channel configuration will result in your system storing more things in memory (reduces how often the harddrive/ssd gets data paged, which is a major cause of unresponsiveness) and the data inside the RAM will transfer to the CPU up to twice as fast (usually around a 10% overall uplift for CPU performance). If money is tight and you're behind on bills, you'll probably be OK forestalling this.
  7. Set board to defaults. Consider running your memory very conservatively. Look into flashing the BIOS to the latest version. Ensure that there aren't any driver conflicts.
  8. This is normal behavior, don't try to mess with it. If you need more RAM/performance, go slap in another 8GB stick.
  9. The best mesh system, with minimal hassle is probably the Netgear Orbi. ---- Ideally though, you run ethernet cables to different parts of the house and slap in a few wireless access points (e.g. TP-Link EAP225 or EAP245) in strategic locations (i.e. on the ceiling so humans don't get in the way, in the center of a coverage area), configure them well and for things like media centers you have an AP+switch configured as a wireless bridge. If you can't run ethernet (or it isn't there), MoCA is your next best option. -------- In this case, use what you currently have, get an ethernet cable to the opposite end of the house and slap on on EAP225. This is your best bet at your price point. Good "mesh" systems (without an ethernet backhaul) will run $250-600. In many cases the cheepo AP with an ethernet backhaul will perform similarly or better, depending on the metric used.
  10. They aren't and there are arguments for devolving power away from politicians and doing more localized government (e.g. Nordic countries only have ~5 million people to them - good governance can only scale so far) The systems, legal traditions and underlying cultures which brought them forth are VERY VERY similar. For what it's worth it's not unheard of for both the US and Canada to cite legal findings in one country. Both also in some cases still use old English law. The underlying issue is the same and a high court ruled that there exists at least one "human rights council" that systematically denies the human rights of certain peoples. I don't know what HRT means, I don't care if someone is Jewish (I've had Jewish roommates) and if I have any bias it's against top down authoritarianism by a group that is irrepresentative of those it's trying to control - part of the reason for emphasizing more localized governance. From what I can discern the majority of these tribunals are kangaroo courts with minimal accountability. There needs to be an audit for bias.
  11. Dell 27" 1440p monitor from 2010. Three actually. It feels ridiculous to me when people say 1080p is normal.
  12. Wait for the PS5 and Xbox next... 6/12 will be fine for a while but it will start aging.
  13. At some level this is internal RAID0 but the firmware inside the drive can be set up such that it's not AS fragile as RAID0. It still increases the risk of failure though.
  14. Larry and Sergey were last seen parasailing on a tropical island...