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  1. comander

    So, LTX Maybe?

    Linus et al. have already said that each wave of ticket sales will be priced higher than the last.
  2. comander

    LTX Fitness Challenge

    My current fitness goals: Midterm lose 5-10lbs fat, gain 10lbs muscle. Longer term might be to lean down because I feel like extra mass is hard on the joints. Be able to run a half marathon effortlessly (I think I'm there). Not wreck my knees or shoulders. I'm old enough to care more about not getting injured and functional performance vs how I look (which is half way between normal and bodybuilder). Recently, I've mostly focused on gaining mass. I'm slowly shifting to leaning up. I don't really do aggressive cuts as is common in bodybuilding communities, I usually just take a break from bulking and do very slow cuts. Longer term I'll probably cut to 20lbs lighter than where I am, muscle loss be damned, so that my skeletal system doesn't have any extra burden. That hurts though because I feel "bigger and stronger" and "how I'm supposed to be" at my current size (all time high) and usually felt "too small". ---- Current routine is roughly: Bicycle 25-30 mintutes a day at medium to high intensity (2x 10-15 minutes) to get to work gym for 1 hour 3-5 times a week Food is mostly clean and in very high portion sizes. A LOT of steak brisket, fish, etc. I have an all you can eat, self serve cafeteria at work. I'm too lazy to cook/meal prep.
  3. comander

    VIP Ticket Wanted

    I believe they're non-transferable. Doing some VERY rough math (not at all scientific) 8,339,737 LTT subscribers If 0.1% of that group cares about LTX, you'll have 8300 raging nerds trying to get tickets. If 2% of that group REALLY wants VIP tickets, you're looking at 166 raging nerds trying to get tickets. This assumes 0 of them have significant others or friends they want to take with them. The 20 VIP tickets sold out almost instantly.
  4. comander

    LTX 2019 Ticket Pricing is Here!

    Seconds. All 20 sold out within seconds. There were hundreds of nerds hitting F5 rapidly with everything ready to go (account made, credit card info pre-entered in, etc.)
  5. comander

    VIP and Tours Sold Out

    Tixr seems decent overall, though I've only used it this one time. My current concern is getting my girlfriend's office tour ticket in her name (I'm more excited about such a tour than she is, worst case scenario she wanders around Vancouver and sees stuff). 20 Ticket availability among 500 rabid fans will be an issue with pretty much anything you do, rationing is hard. You probably have felt more pain with it than I have since you bear the brunt of complaints. I'll give volunteering some consideration. I see the Google Sheet. I DO have some questions about the commitment though (I do want to experience LTX a bit myself so maybe volunteer for one day and not the other) Ohh, I've been rejected a TON of times the last few years (also by Stanford, and Wharton and MIT and... ). It all worked out well though, seemingly for the best. I avoided spending $200k on an MBA and got the dream job without it. All it took was spending thousands of hours reading stuff on tech sites, a friend/former-mentee giving me a referral, getting interview questions which fit to my experiences about as well as slumdog millionaire and being part of the 2% of referred candidates to get an offer for said dream job. If anyone has questions about getting a job in "big tech" (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), and you're reasonably qualified (>3.5GPA if you are < 3 years out of college, >90th percentile test scores, couple of big names on the resume, contributions to open source projects, interesting volunteer/leadership work, willing to put in 100+ hours to preparing for an interview, etc.), send a PM my way and I'm more than willing to rant and rave about careerism and interview prep. Offer not open to LTT staff, haha.
  6. comander

    LTX 2019 Ticket Sales Start TOMORROW!

    NOOOOO. If you can, consider a second wave for the day right AFTER the expo. Possibly at a higher price ("Shut up and take my money") or with some sort of application requirements. I realize that you guys have limited time/energy (it's probably your hell week). I don't expect a second wave and recognize that I'm a begging chooser. I think what you guys are doing is awesome and I'm a HUUUUGE fan.
  7. comander

    VIP and Tours Sold Out

    Nothing I can be mad about. No issues caused beyond a dash of hope followed by disappointment. Getting rejected by Harvard was worse back in the day, haha. I recognize that you guys are making an honest effort to be good to your community. THANK YOU. I appreciate that. I won't rant too much. FWIW, I did sent a similar email to the info page asking if there was anything I could do. I fully expect a "no" (or no response) and I won't bother you any more (unless you initiate any conversation) out of respect. I have to try though, haha. I'm too big of a fan not to. I'm a really passionate Googler (not on Youtube, not responsible for outreach, not in a position to help or harm) who works in their hardware group. All the tech videos I've watched over the years 1. wasted a lot of time 2. helped me get my dream job. I am glad you guys are doing such a cool event and I'm excited for it even though the probability of meeting up with you guys in any meaningful way is now slim to none (which is fine; you guys have lives to live; I have people who coo and aww at me because of certain things I'm associated with and I recognize that it can be a bit overwhelming).
  8. comander

    VIP and Tours Sold Out

    Registered here just to comment on this and hope that some of the following can be considered if there's a second wave of VIP tickets or if VIP tickets are a thing next year: A. I registered on the ticket site before hand and had my CC info in. I had multiple browsers in different monitors open and was refreshing. I moved about as quickly as humanly possible. I HAD a VIP ticket selected, did the captcha and... it was gone. Whoever got a VIP ticket was basically whoever got lucky/fast with their entering. I wish I didn't try to add a normal ticket for my girlfriend, that might have cost me. B. I think that two things could be done to better address the scarcity, either for a second round of tickets OR for next year. 1. Charge what the market will bear. One possibility is setting VERY VERY high prices and then lowering them once an hour until they're sold out. 2. Add in a merit based factor. Allow people who bought regular tickets to "upgrade" to a VIP ticket by submitting an application to actually buy such an upgrade. This could be similar to a college/university application essay. This could also be combined with the first option (i.e. by giving out a promo code to lower the effective price of buying a ticket). This might need to be limited to a relatively small number of people (more than 20, less than 1000) in much the same way that the original wave of tickets was because reading applications, even at 5 minutes a piece gets time consuming. There is an advantage to #2 though, it helps ensure that the people who show up are reasonably interesting/passionate as well. I don't think that either choice is perfect but it would go a long way to making sure that people who REALLY want a VIP ticket get one. I admit that this favors people with higher incomes and those who have done a lot of applications (college/university, grad school, work, grants, etc.). --- Also, hello Colton, all powerful God of ticket logistics, I hope all is well. Please shower favor upon my long rambling post. I am but a lowly sycophant.