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  1. Stru

    Windows 10 to a Linux Distro?

    There won't be any hardware issues with such common hardware, the drivers for the 1060 are on Nvidia's website. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/147582/en-us
  2. Stru

    Which of these monitors should i choose?

    It sounds like you are gaming on analog from a laptop if you are at 1024*768, if you can get the BenQ for 30 dollars then I don't see why not, especially if you can't drive the 144 Hz monitor. The 144 Hz Asus is the best monitor if that's all you are asking, but make sure it has an analog input.
  3. The power supplies that I've had blow, resulted in complete failure on the PSU's part. You mentioned that the system does not POST and your testing suggests a GPU failure, nothing else. The only way to tell for sure is as you say to either test with a different PSU, or the GPU in another system.
  4. Stru

    Seeking help to toubleshoot/fix computer

    Does it crash in safe mode? Does it crash with a different GPU? How do you know your GPU is "perfectly fine"? Could it be a short because of incorrect mounting points? Is your CPU mounted properly? List all the steps you've tried so far so the problem can be highlighted.
  5. Stru

    laggy games /slow computer

    Kaspersky Free or Malwarebytes then. 50% GPU with chrome is a concern.
  6. Stru

    laggy games /slow computer

    What's your usage like without a game open? My guess is honestly a virus, what Antivirus do you use?
  7. Stru

    laggy games /slow computer

    Post a screenshot of task manager running in game, shows bottlenecks.
  8. Stru

    windows being windows

    Known bug in a Win 10 Feb patch. Windows being Windows.
  9. Stru

    windows being windows

    C:>Properties>General>Compress_this_drive (Turn off)
  10. If your motherboard has that feature (I've never heard of it) then yes, otherwise no.
  11. It'll probably just sit at 2100 MHz, underclocked RAM tends to run fine.
  12. Stru

    windows being windows

    Perhaps UserFolder>FolderProperties>General>Advanced>Compress_Contents turned on? (Turn it off) WinDirStat check they haven't been put somewhere else.
  13. Stru

    is 1.5volts safe for 8350k

    And Prime95 will BSOD your computer in 10 s.
  14. Stru

    is 1.5volts safe for 8350k

    What's the point of running it first if Prime95 shows instability faster? Then you've just wasted time.
  15. Show breakdown by core? Just right click and change to logical processors?