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    CPU goes to 85c when gaming

    @Corsair Nick and everyone. Thank you very much for the responses. I did not overclock my CPU. My cooler is Corsair H100i Hydro series. I will try cleaning tomorrow and apply fresh thermal paste and see how it goes from there. I think it's actually not 85c when it crashes because I set the led indicators to turn to red whenever my processor reaches 90 above and it seems like that when it shuts down, the led light is red so I guess it's above 90c whenever it crashes. Apologies for the mistake as I have checked the temps right after the restart. It may have gradually went down after the system crash/restart
  2. Hello guys, This is the first time that this happened to me. I started playing a new video game for quite some time now and I noticed that there are random times when my PC suddenly shuts down (auto restart) in the middle of gaming. I then checked my temps and noticed that my CPU goes up to 85c when I play. I have posted a speccy screenshot below and this screenshot is my normal temps when I work and do normal browsing stuff. I only encounter the issue when I play video games. I tried touching one of the tubes of my AIO Liquid cooler (Corsair H100i) and it's hot. There also was a time when I noticed that the led indicator turned red but went back to green after a system restart. I haven't cleaned my radiator from day 1 since assembling my PC. Can this just be dust problems in the middle of the radiator and the fans or is it the whole liquid cooler that's faulty? I'm worried because this is the first time I experienced this issue. The top of the radiator is also letting out warm air. Also, I will only be able to troubleshoot this further (disassemble, clean and replace parts if needed) four days from now. Is it alright to continue pushing my PC until then or should I make room in my schedule and clean or replace the cooler as soon as possible?