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  1. So short story long, I have a OpenVPN server setup on my home router so I can access my network drives while I am not home. I have the OpenVPN client setup on my Android phone and I can use ES File Explorer to access my network drives just fine, but thats not the case with my laptop. It used to work just fine on my laptop until last week. When I try to map the network drive it can't even see my computer with the drive shared, ok thats fine maybe network discovery is broken. Then I tried entering "\\ComputerName\SharedFolderName", still no luck... but I can ping the IP address of that computer just fine. Then finally I tried add network location and manually entered "\\IP ADDRESS\SharedFolderName" and that seemed to work perfectly, what am I doing wrong?
  2. So I've got the Otterbox defender case for my phone and the flap cover for the USB-C connector is quite annoying to open/close if I want to charge the thing. Since my phone does support wireless charging, will a slower 1A Qi charger produce less heat than a 2A one?
  3. Hi all, this is my first post on LTT forums. So long story short, my job requires me to do lots of traveling and I need to access the company VPN occasionally and home VPN when I want something from my network drive. I stayed in a hotel that has free WiFi and my phone connects to my work/home VPN with no problems at all. This is not the case with my laptop, at first I though it was a Windows 10 "undesired feature", I've tried turning it off and on again, uninstalling WAN Miniport adapters in device manager and it still refuses to connect. I've even got to a point where I used my phone for USB tethering just so that I can use my VPN. (and it works quite well, even though it was connected to the same hotel WiFi network) At this point, my only guess is that the VPN ports are blocked for my laptop's MAC address. (but not my phone??) And sure enough, the problem is solved after I changed my laptop's MAC address. Did you guys ever see an issue like this before?