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  1. So I’m pretty new to overclocking and just recently decided to try it out. Now I know roughly what temps not to cross over. However I was wondering I overclocked my I7 8700K to 4.7ghz, voltage at 1.25 I believe and ran AIDA64 for about 40 min. The cpu core temp seems stable at 68C with the max having been 73C. All the individual cores are 63-69C each with one reaching 78C once. Would you say this is reasonable or should I try adjusting any to get a little lower temps?
  2. Anyone else having problems with teredo on the xbox app? I can’t join parties with my friends it just keeps saying im disconnecting and that party chat is blocked by network settings aka teredo won’t let me connect.
  3. The Western Digital Blue was looking pretty nice to me. As for the ports and slots I just wanted to be sure as I said I’m not as knowledgeable about motherboards so I just wanna to be sure about everything.
  4. Alright just wanted to be sure. I’ll probably do overclocking when I research how to more and feel more confident I won’t mess something up. I’m absolutely gonna look into the WD Blue then. Thank you so much for the help it’s extremely appreciated.
  5. Alright those are two brands I’ve heard good things about. One last question overcloking on the z390 is fairy easy then? If it is I think it’ll be the board I go with.
  6. That’s what I was seeing with 6 being the average. Alright would you have a suggestion on a good SATA SSD then that’s about $80 or less?
  7. Alright I’ll definitely be checking it out as an option. Even with 4 sata ports I think it was disabled because of the m2 slots in use I’ll have extra for hard drive expansions then right?
  8. I was looking into the i5 9600k for bit but I’ll take a second look. The power supply I was definitely thinking of going a bit lower since I don’t really need a ton of overhead on power. The motherboard though I’ve just had a lot of issues deciding on what I like the one I have is more a placeholder for this.
  9. I got some help with my first build last night and have a more finalzed idea. However I’d still like a little help mainly on the motherboard as im not as knowledgeable about them. This is the build I have going so far. I just need a board that fits well with my parts and I can add a hard drive to later on. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/left4donkeys/saved/YPFQZL
  10. I don’t plan on doing any editing at least as I can see. This pc would pretty much be soley for just playing games.
  11. Hmmm alright I’m definitely gonna keep your build suggestion on hand then because it sounds like it would be pretty perfect for me.
  12. This does look pretty good actually. And it’ll have very little issue doing the settings im looking for then?
  13. Alright thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ll swap out the RM750x then for the RM550x and put it towards a 8700k instead which will be nice having an overclock option.
  14. It’s the brands I know so I kinda started there but im absolutely open to switching out to whatever as long as it works well.
  15. So my budget is about $1,500-$1,600 at most. Coutry is USA, and preferences would probably be 1080-1440, high settings, and still hitting a solid 60 id say that’s what im aiming for.