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  1. GeForce experience tell me i have the most up to date drivers available.
  2. So Im getting a funky image with the Rockstar launcher, but am a loss as to what it is, as its the only thing that ever does it. Everything else runs fine with no issues at all. So far this is the only thing that does it. regardless of where it is on the screen. I can get it to correct its self my mousing over it. RTX 2060S Samsung 32" 144Hz 1440 display Ryzen 7 2700 32Gb Ram
  3. Very late reply, but did you ever get this sorted? I ask as my new vengeance ram was working fine with iCue then done a BIOS update on my prime X470 pro and now they are stuck on what I had them set to before, but out of sync and I can't change them or see them in iCue anymore.
  4. So I have just built my new rig, and all was going well, played a bit of anthem, got my RGB all sorted, windows was playing nice with a new hardware, and then black screen. Like my monitor had just died. Pc still running, but then all the RGB went back to default. Did a hard reset, everything turned on, then off... Then on again and then Windows booted fine. Logged in fine, RGB went back to the settings I had set up, then this time after 2 minutes top, black screen. So I reinstalled windows, thinking it must have been that moving from a intel machine to amd with what I thought was no fuss. Windows installed fine, left pc and went to work. Came home pc still running and back on windows log in screen. So I start downloading bits like Nvidia experience, battlement chrome to name a few, install some and then after about 45 minutes, back screen again. Does anyone have any ideas? Not done any overclocking, temps were all fine, but I need a starting point to troubleshoot. My build is here. https://builds.gg/builds/anthem-ryzen-7739