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  1. Damski2310

    Corsair vengeance pro rgb colors stuck

    Very late reply, but did you ever get this sorted? I ask as my new vengeance ram was working fine with iCue then done a BIOS update on my prime X470 pro and now they are stuck on what I had them set to before, but out of sync and I can't change them or see them in iCue anymore.
  2. Damski2310

    Black screen

    So I have just built my new rig, and all was going well, played a bit of anthem, got my RGB all sorted, windows was playing nice with a new hardware, and then black screen. Like my monitor had just died. Pc still running, but then all the RGB went back to default. Did a hard reset, everything turned on, then off... Then on again and then Windows booted fine. Logged in fine, RGB went back to the settings I had set up, then this time after 2 minutes top, black screen. So I reinstalled windows, thinking it must have been that moving from a intel machine to amd with what I thought was no fuss. Windows installed fine, left pc and went to work. Came home pc still running and back on windows log in screen. So I start downloading bits like Nvidia experience, battlement chrome to name a few, install some and then after about 45 minutes, back screen again. Does anyone have any ideas? Not done any overclocking, temps were all fine, but I need a starting point to troubleshoot. My build is here. https://builds.gg/builds/anthem-ryzen-7739