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    Titan Xp to 2080 Ti or not?

    I bought the cpu delidded and binned from siliconlottery. I can find a lot of gaming benchmarks for gpus but very little for video editing. What you said is true for all video editing software but Davinci.
  2. Substance

    Titan Xp to 2080 Ti or not?

    Premiere doesn’t really use much GPU but Davinci does. Studio version utilizes multiple GPUs as well. Puget systems review mentions %25 improvement for 2080 ti over Titan xp for Davinci. But these reviews are on stock cooler vs stock cooler. The blower on the Titan Xp is a bigger bottle neck than the dual blades on RTX cards. Water vs. water, the gap might be smaller?
  3. Substance

    Titan Xp to 2080 Ti or not?

    Unfortunately I have several samsung 960 pros, a video capture card and an intel optane 905 which eat up a lot of pcie lanes. I have two pcie slots available in x16/x0/x16.
  4. Substance

    Titan Xp to 2080 Ti or not?

    My work load is %80 video/photo editing, %20 gaming. I use adobe premiere and davinci resolve studio. Currently 4K content or less. Current setup: Asus proart pa329q 4k monitors ( no hdr, 60hz only) i9 7980xe delidded @4.4GHz all cores stable. Asus Rampage 6 extreme board 128gb dominator ram @3000MHz ax1600i psu 2x titan Xp SW edition (hb sli bridged) I am going to go custom loop water cooling on the cpu + mobo and gpus. Should I upgrade to 2080 TI’s on the gpus? Is 4k 60fps gaming with ray tracing impossible even on nvlinked dual 2080 ti on water? any sense in considering Titan RTX at all? Do I need 24GB vram for 4K content editing?