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  1. I am looking for a sub 800 rpm optimized radiators for my new build. Hardware labs makes great radiators. Both GTX and SR2 seems to be optimized for sub 800 rpm fans. GTX is 16FPI and SR2 is 9FPI. I will have Corsair ML120s in Push/Pull on these. Plenty of Radiator to keep the fans spin slow. (2x360mm + 2x480mm). Should I go with SR2s or GTXs?
  2. I am looking to upgrade to 2x 2080 TI (s). They will be on a dedicated(CPU on another loop) custom loop with Bitspower water blocks and 2x 480mmx60mm radiators in push/pull. My MB is Asus Rampage VI Extreme. I like the fact that Asus Strix O11G comes with their own Asus Aura RGB headers (for the Bitspower wb) so I am leaning towards these cards. I hear Nvidia keeps the best performing GPUs for their Founders Edition. Would I get better OC performance from FE or Reference cards such as Asus Strix O11G? How about reliability? Thank you
  3. I have two titan XP star wars editions. I made a similar post a while ago as I am in the same camp. My workload is mainly Davinci Resolve which is GPU heavy and some gaming. From what I can gather, 2080 TI is about %25 to 30 better performer than Titan Xp. 2080 is give or take the same as Titan Xp (minus RTX) Titan V is a better performer for other tasks (such as Davinci Resolve) but does worse for gaming. Titan RTX is about %6-8 better than 2080 TI but cost more than twice. I was pretty set on replacing my Titan Xp’s with 2080 TI’s but then the “Super” cards show up. There is no 2080 TI Super but not sure if Nvidia will release it later this year or something even newer. Also keep in mind, you can get another %10 ish performance on each of these card if you overclock/watercool them.
  4. Tng, tos and enterprise were remastered for HD several years ago. All seasons were put out on Blu-ray. Sales figures were not encouraging and they didn’t release voyager and ds9 on Blu hence no remastered copies in existence. Netflix is likely using the early masters made for 480i DVD in the very early 2000s. Is there any streamer which outputs at native resolution of 480i? I don’t think so. The source is 480i however upscaled to 1080p by the mediocre algorithm of the netflix app.
  5. I won’t have any important data on this system. Basically my entire physical movie collection ripped into hdds and I will keep the actual physical media. In case of a drive failure, I will have to rip the entire collection again. It would take me so many hours to do it again but at least I have some sort of a back up. Pretty much, I need a lot of space, decent speed and relatively moderate reliability. To increase reliability, I can consider SW Raid 5 or add a Raid controller and 2 additional drives for Raid 10 (8x 12 TB total). Both options I lose disc space.
  6. Do you recommend none Raid and spread the media to 6 separate local discs on the system?
  7. I have this following hardware I want to use as a plex/media server. The motherboard has 6 sata ports and raid support (probably sw). I am looking for raid 0 only for speed and maximum size. Asus Tuf z270 mk I i7- 7700k 5GHz Quadro 4000 6x 12tb hdd Windows server 2019 Would I benefit from a HW Raid controller card?
  8. I am switching to Corsair Obsidian 1000D and all fans to Corsair ML120 Pro RGB Loop 1: CPU: i9-7980xe @4.4GHz 1.112V “delidded” Bitspower Monoblock for CPU + VRM 1x HWL 420 GTX in Push/Pull Loop 2: 2x 2080 TI FE Bitspower blocks 2x HWL 480 GTX in Push/Pull What do you think? I have an Intel Optane 900P which Bitspower has a block for. Would you water cool it? Which loop would you add it? Thanks!
  9. I would like to make a reasonable compromise and keep esthetics good as well. Corsair 1000D can have 2x 480 or 1x 420 on the front. I believe 8x 120 rgb fans look the best and gives me larger radiator surface.
  10. Thanks again. I will change my case to Corsair 1000D which will allow bigger radiators. I did some research and it seems 2x HWL GTX 480 in P/P can allow maximum OC on 2x 2080 TI and keep temps under 50C at low rpms. My only concerns is having 16 fans in this setup. Do you believe 16 fans on 2x 480 rads at very low rpm is quieter than say 8 fans on a single 480 rad but higher rpms?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I can do Nemesis 360 GTX but would like to keep LL fans. My ambient temp is always 74-76F. Also keep in mind this is a dedicated loop for these two GPUs with no other blocks. Do you still believe 1200 rpm under load isn’t possible with this setup?
  12. Is a single 360 Rad for 2x 2080 TI enough? I am thinking HWL GTS 360 in push/pull with Corsair LL120 fans. Front intake position. No other blocks on this loop. 2x 2080 TI FE’s will be OC’ed within stock power limits and in NVLink SLI.
  13. I bought the cpu delidded and binned from siliconlottery. I can find a lot of gaming benchmarks for gpus but very little for video editing. What you said is true for all video editing software but Davinci.
  14. Premiere doesn’t really use much GPU but Davinci does. Studio version utilizes multiple GPUs as well. Puget systems review mentions %25 improvement for 2080 ti over Titan xp for Davinci. But these reviews are on stock cooler vs stock cooler. The blower on the Titan Xp is a bigger bottle neck than the dual blades on RTX cards. Water vs. water, the gap might be smaller?
  15. Unfortunately I have several samsung 960 pros, a video capture card and an intel optane 905 which eat up a lot of pcie lanes. I have two pcie slots available in x16/x0/x16.