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    Advice on finalizing my build

    Hey all, I started a “build” a few weeks ago. I got a good price on a new beautiful Corsair case and an Asus rog strix rtx2060. My old mobo and cpu are just in need of an update. I’m trying to future proof the rest of the system the best I can. im looking to get an i9 9900k ( I’m pretty set on this) the mobo that seems to be the best is the gigabit auros master z390. i am having a hard time understanding what memory I should be looking for 2666? 3000? 3200? 4400? So man to choose and cas? Wtf I’m overwhelmed with the info I look up. Am I choosing the right mobo? Do I need a contained liquid cooler for the cpu? What memory should I be looking for? I appreciate any suggestions or explanations of why I should get what memory.