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  1. So I recently bought myself all new parts. I finished building my PC, but I waited with connecting the fans as the cables were getting in the way. After the PC started and everything worked as intented I went to work on the case fans. As I'm new to building PC's I knew all about the parts but not about RGB. I found this SATA cable connected to the chip in the back of the case. I plugged it into my Power Supply whilst the PC was on for some reason (pretty stupid I know) and the leds in the fans immediatly went on but were freaking out a bit so I decided to restart the PC. The PC wouldn't turn on. After removing this cable the PC did turn on again and I can still plug the SATA in when it is on and the leds in the fans will go on but if the PC is off and I plug it in it doesn't work. Case: Sharkoon Nightshark RGB PSU: Corsiar CX750 Thanks, P2P