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  1. After using both at the same time, Alienware >> HP Omen.
  2. Really the colors of this monitor are awful, I can't get a good calibration after hours and a lot of tries.
  3. I have a Samsung 27' TN 1080p 60Hz and I am testing the HP Omen X35 35' VA 1440p 100Hz and I didn't see the difference in resolutions when I have them together. I only see that HP Omen has muted colors than the Samsung and I love the 100Hz of Omen. That is the question, should I move from 1440p VA 100Hz to 1080p IPS 160Hz?
  4. HP Omen X35: 1440p 100Hz VA 630€ / $715 Alienware AW3418HW 1080p 160Hz IPS 780€ / $885 Actually, I am using (1 day really) the HP Omen X35 and it is not convincing me a lot. 1440p, really I think I can't see difference respect my old 1080p monitor, I just got lower performance in games 100Hz, it is amazing after using 60Hz for a long time, even in the windows desktop, using 60 fps now ugly. My old panel was a Samsung, I think it was TN, but the colors of that panel are better than the HP Omen. I tried to replicate them using NVIDIA panel but they are still different.