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  1. Boy, sorry but I didn't have time to post the work log, I am attaching the final photos directly. Good vision Sponsor Thermaltake Asus Rog Italia Amd Goodram S3plustechnology
  2. I built the custom backplate with the Mod, and the cover for the ram that will be backlit https://postimg.cc/gallery/fb4j1ej4/
  3. thank Asus Republic of games and goodram for support
  4. the project is a rough rendering of how the project will come about, I will build a complete midplate that will cover even the most, covered even in front so, as you work there you will see.
  5. Thanks for the amazing Support ASUS Republic of Gamers
  6. Soon there will be updates
  7. I thank AMD for support.I thank AMD for support.
  8. Hi all guys, I'm back to work with the next Octamachine Project. Place the approximate rendering of the Mod, The project will be structured on a Thermaltake level 20 Gt Argb case, I will modify the whole Setting of the case a little, I will use cnc-milled aluminum panels, I will make a backlit Plexiglas backlight and many other changes that you will see Going forward. Sponsors Thermaltake Amd GoodRam Asus Rog Italia S3plustechnology Component Case Thermaltake Level 20 Gt Montherboard Asus Rog x399 AMD Threadripper 2920X CPU VGA Asus strix 1070 Ram Goodram 32gb 3200mhz Watercooling Thermaltake