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  1. Jamy

    Graphicscard for VideoWall

    Is there someone with a quadro card who could test if this program start up with no problem? It is a security camera software pack. Downloadlink: http://updates.networkoptix.com/default/20839/windows/nxwitness-client-
  2. Jamy

    Graphicscard for VideoWall

    Luke Savenije, You mean that the screens work together for one big screen right?
  3. Jamy

    Graphicscard for VideoWall

    Well quadro p4000 got 4 display ports and i know for sure they upport it but they are 900 bucks, but 2x 1060 arent cheap ether.
  4. Hi People. Does someone know if consumer graphicscard support 4 times 4K monitors? Like a gtx 1060 or rtx 2070 or 2080 Or do i need to go for a quadro p4000 or something. I know Quadro's are made for a lot of monitors with high res. But i want to know if normal cards can push 4 4k screens. greetings Jamy The Netherlands