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  1. Unveiling Oracle Project. A scratchbuild based on the Persona 5 character, Oracle. Taking part to the builds.gg stock cooling contest: https://builds.gg/contests/the-builds-gg-stock-cooling-showdown-aio-cooling-division-5 Specs: i3-8350k MSI H310I Pro MSI GTX 1070Ti Gaming X ADATA XPG D80 16Gb 3000Mhz ADATA XPG SX950U 480Gb Enermax LiqFusion 240 Enermax Revolution SFX 650W Enermax T.B. RGB 120mm Huge thanks to the sponsors of this project: MSI Gaming ADATA XPG Enermax Pc Frog Srl
  2. Here I am with a huuuge update! I couldn't find an interesting way to make the feet of the case so I just went all out and made this out of 8mm acrylic, aluminum L-profiles and pine wood: And no it's not an Omen X, as a lot of people said. The only thing in common is the cube form hahaha Paintjob starts Decided to leave central acrylic piece clear so I polished the edges Swapped the motherboard for an MSI H310I PRO since the previous one was dead Stencils on the internal panels Majority of the hardware is in UV LEDs all around the top and bottom sections UV lighting test
  3. Man those were some busy days... but I'm here again for an update! Today we're taking a look at some final tweaks before the paintjob starts. All the thread inserts for the external panels UV green panels and other clear and to-be-painted panels Design for fan vents Added an aluminum flat strip to have a better structure for the acrylic panel that will hold the PSU
  4. Second part of video worklog is on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK9uNlxiF0U
  5. Update time! Rad and fans mounting panels completed Original layout I had in mind New layout after rotating the case to drill some holes and noticing it was way cooler like this hahaha Internal cover panels. The one above the graphics card also helps the card to stand in place and not move around
  6. First episode of the video worklog. English subtitles available!https://youtu.be/KZkluFiMZGY
  7. Hey folks! I'm new on this forum so let me present myself: my name is Alessandro and I'm the modder from Explore Modding, ex St.Jimmy's PC Modding. You can find all my completed projects on my Facebook page but I'll consider posting them here as well in the future if you're interested. After a couple months of stop I'm finally back with a fresh new project, this time a mITX scratch build based on Oracle, a Persona 5 character. This project is brought to you by *me*: MSI Italy - Enermax Italy - Adata XPG Italy - PC Frog SRL Milano Let's start off with some hardware pics. These include: MSI GTX 1070Ti Gaming X, XPG Spectrix D80 and SX950U 500Gb, Enermax SFX Revolution 650W and LiqFusion 240 with T.B. RGB Fans, Ryzen 5 2400G. And now the real stuff. First thing to do is create a base structure from aluminum profiles of various type: flat, squared, L-shaped etc. And rivet everything together Doubled it Some preliminary test fitting Internal mounts for acrylic fan and radiator holders